Who should NOT use teeth whitening products? (Are there limitations due to age, pregnancy, etc.?)

GO SMILE teeth whitening products are safe for most people to use. We recommend against whitening for pregnant or nursing women, or for children under the age of 12.

We also recommend that people with damaged teeth or gums, or who have had recent dental work or oral surgery, refrain from whitening until their mouths are totally healed. 

If you have any doubt about whether teeth whitening is right for you, please speak with your dentist or doctor.

I would like to start using GO SMILE to whiten my teeth. Where do I begin?

GO SMILE has a variety of fast teeth whitening kits and delivery methods to fit seamlessly into your lifestyle, whether on-the-go or at right at home.

A Jump start and Boost to Whiter Teeth

It takes just 20 minutes two times a day for only one week to get some of the best whitening available.  The GO SMILE Teeth Whitening Ampoule Kit is the answer to those who want the brightest white in the shortest amount of time possible.  Use this kit to get the very fastest yet most powerful whitening possible.  It’s just flip, pop and whiten-and you’re on your way.

Ongoing Whitening & Cleaning

Get everyday professional whitening while you brush! If you don’t want to spend time performing a separate whitening process, choose the Sonic Pro Teeth Whitening Kit or the stand alone Teeth Whitening Gel to whiten during your usual brushing routine. This combination is ideal for people with daily staining habits – such as drinking coffee, soda or wine – because they can be used on an ongoing basis to fight new stains. The On The Go Sonic Blue toothbrush has the same powerful features as the Sonic Pro electric toothbrush, but it’s sized for easy travel and portability.

Daily Touch Up

Teeth Whitening Pen – If you whiten your teeth regularly, only need a few shades of improvement, or find it difficult to follow a set routine, try the Teeth Whitening Pen. It’s our easiest, most portable whitener that you can use anytime, anywhere.

Touch Up® Smile Applicators – These portable whitening applicators prevent daily stains from setting into your teeth, and give you a minty “just brushed” feeling. Fast and powerful, our applicators are best used right after drinking coffee or red wine. In addition, it’s a healthy and stain-free alternative to a breath mint.

Keep Teeth White

If you’re satisfied with the color of your teeth and simply want to maintain a healthy white smile, try our Professional Clean Luxury Toothpaste. The vitamin enriched formula is specially designed to make your teeth look shiny and clean, while polishing away residue from food and drink before it stains your teeth. If you ever want to whiten your smile, our luxury toothpaste easily combine with GO SMILE Teeth Whitening Gel to become a seamless part of your brushing routine.

How are GO SMILE products different from others?

GO SMILE combines cutting-edge formula chemistry with efficient application methods to create a pleasurable teeth whitening experience.

Enjoyable: Like a spa treatment for your mouth—with our luxury toothpaste, pain-free teeth whitening products, and that “just brushed” feeling after using any GO SMILE product make every session gratifying.

Convenient: Variety of delivery methods and programs to fit seamlessly into your lifestyle, whether on-the-go or at home

Faster & Brighter: Clinically proven to whiten smiles 4x faster and 10x brighter than other teeth whitening products, with virtually no sensitivity 

Revolutionary: Our proprietary technologies—such as our innovative Ampoule Technology™ delivery system and the Hyperox™ Technology in GO SMILE Teeth Whitening Gel—maximize the speed and efficacy of hydrogen peroxide in all of our whiteners, to give you your whitest smile quickly and effectively.

Can I use GO SMILE whitening products if I have artificial tooth surfaces or braces?


All GO SMILE products have been proven safe to use on all man-made dental restorations. They will not strip or harm your bonding, veneers, porcelain crowns or other dental work.

However, GO SMILE products cannot make the artificial tooth surfaces whiter than their original color. If possible, try to whiten your teeth before getting a crown or veneer, so the dentist can color match the new tooth to your whiter teeth. This ensures that the artificial tooth won’t stand out if you whiten your natural teeth later.  

Always consult a dentist for advice on your specific situation if you have any questions.

Are there any side effects associated with GO SMILE whitening products?

There are no expected side effects to using GO SMILE whiteners.  Unlike other whitening products, GO SMILE whiteners caused virtually no sensitivity in Columbia University clinical studies. However, please don’t use our products if you have known allergies to any of the ingredients. Contact your dentist immediately if you experience any issues.

How often can I - or should I - whiten my teeth?

GO SMILE’s Teeth Whitening Ampoule Kit is safe to use twice a day for a seven week, then every 3 months thereafter. But it’s so effective, you likely won’t need to whiten again that soon!

Sonic Pro Teeth Whitening Kit, On The Go Sonic Blue Teeth Whitening Kit, and Teeth Whitening Gel are safe to use every day, on an ongoing basis if you wish. Make teeth whitening a part of your normal brushing routine! All of our luxury toothpastes are safe to use at any time.

If you have just whitened your teeth with a different brand of whitener, wait a few weeks before using a GO SMILE whitening product to minimize the risk of sensitivity. If you still experience any discomfort, wait a few more days before trying our products again.

I noticed a white spot on my gums after using GO SMILE. What is this?

White spots on your gums indicate that an area was slightly irritated before whitening. Much like a skin irritation might bubble if you used hydrogen peroxide to disinfect it, the irritated gum is reacting to the hydrogen peroxide in the whitener. These spots are completely normal and nothing to worry about. The white spot should go away after a few minutes.

Where can I find the ingredient lists for your products?

Each individual product page at GOSMILE.com lists all the ingredients for that product. Click the Shop Now button, open the relevant product page, and then look under the “Ingredients” section.

Don’t use our products if you have known allergies to any of the ingredients.

Always ask your dentist or doctor whether a product is right for you.

If you have any questions on the ingredients, please contact GO SMILE Customer Service.

Are there any tips or tricks to using the Ampoules to ensure that I get the best possible results?

It’s super easy to use our patented Ampoule Technology™—Just Flip, Pop, and Whiten! The airtight applicator protects the potency of the whitening serum until it’s applied. After you apply the serum, you can resume life as usual, just don’t eat or drink anything for 20 minutes. But you can close your mouth, swallow, and talk without fear of disrupting your treatment.

If you want to maximize the effectiveness of the teeth whitening treatment, anything you do to increase the quality and time of the contact between the serum and your teeth can improve your results. Here are our top teeth whitening tricks to maximize the effectiveness of GO SMILE Ampoule Technology:

Refrain from drinking dark or acidic beverages during the full course of your whitening treatment.Before using the ampoule, brush your teeth (with toothpaste or a dry brush) to remove residue that could reduce the contact of the serum with the teeth. But don’t floss immediately before use – flossing may increase the risk of gum irritation. Use a tissue to blot the surface of teeth dry to reduce dilution of serum with saliva.Rub the serum into teeth with the applicator in a firm, circular motion. Just like you’d clean a stain on carpet – scrubbing can increase the penetration of the stain-removing ingredients. Spend several seconds on each tooth, and spend extra time on teeth that are more discolored.Use the edges of the applicator to get into the gaps and ridges between teeth and up to the gumline, but avoid direct contact with the gums.Make sure you use all the serum – peek into the space between the paper sleeve and the applicator tip to be sure it’s empty before you stop applying.Keeping your lips open and away from your teeth for the 20 minutes after application will improve your results. Here’s a tip: Roll a piece of cotton gauze or a scrap of clean cloth (or even a paper towel!) into a shape like a drinking straw, about four inches long. Press it to your upper teeth to dry them, then push it up beneath your upper lip and above the gum line, leaving teeth exposed. Do the same for the lower teeth. Then apply the serum from the ampoule as usual. Keep the gauze in place for 20 minutes for maximum whitening. The gauze will hold your lips away from your teeth as you whiten and absorb saliva from diluting serum.

Can I swallow the serum from the Ampoules or Whitening Pen, or should I spit it out?

It’s perfectly safe to swallow your saliva and the serum as you use the GO SMILE Teeth Whitening Kits, Touch-Ups or Teeth Whitening Pens. If you prefer to spit it out, that’s also fine – it will not affect the treatment. 
However, don’t rinse out your mouth or wipe the serum off your teeth for at least 20 minutes after applying it, as the formula should stay in contact with your teeth for at least that much time for optimal results.

How do I remove and replace the brush head of the Sonic Blue Smart Brush and Sonic Blue On The Go toothbrushes?

We recommend you replace your GO SMILE electric toothbrush heads every three (3) months for optimal results. The bristles change from blue to white in color to help you remember—Replace the brush head when the bristles are almost completely white or if they become dirty or worn down sooner.

To remove the old brush head:

Grip the brush head tightly on the rubber sides, just above the neck of the toothbrush with one hand. Pull the brush head straight off of the brush with the other hand—DO NOT TWIST. The brush head fits snugly to prevent it from coming off, so you will need to pull with a little force to remove the brush head.

To replace new brush head:

Align the brush head so the bristles face the same direction as the buttons on the handle.

Firmly press the brush head down onto the toothbrush handle until it stops firmly in place.

What toothpaste and additional whitening products can I use with the Sonic Pro Teeth Whitening Kit? Do I have to use a fluoride toothpaste?

The Sonic Pro Teeth Whitening Kit works best with the GO SMILE Teeth Whitening Gel and a non-peroxide toothpaste. Since the Teeth Whitening Gel already contains peroxide, we recommend you don’t also use “whitening” toothpastes that contain peroxide or any additional peroxide-based whitening product (strips, trays, or gels). These may increase the risk of gum irritation or sensitivity.

If you are already using another peroxide-based whitening system, do not use the Teeth Whitening Gel at the same time. Any time you wish, you can use the Sonic Pro toothbrush as a standard electric toothbrush with any toothpaste, without the Teeth Whitening Gel.  It’s Patented Blue Lightwave technology will kill bacteria in your mouth and give you the best at-home cleaning possible.

You don’t have to use fluoride toothpaste, although we recommend you use fluoride toothpaste to get the health and anti-cavity benefits of fluoride.

I've been turning the dial of the Teeth Whitening Pen for a long time, and nothing is coming out. What's wrong?

Probably nothing! The first time you use the Teeth Whitening Pen, it may take up to a full a minute of turning the dial before the serum reaches the bristles. Future uses won’t require so many turns.

Will my credit card be charged immediately when I place an order?

No. Your credit card will not be charged until your order is shipped. When you enter your credit card information on the final review page, we’ll give you an order confirmation number. You will also immediately receive an e-mail confirming that your order has been received. We will send you another e-mail to notify you when your order has been shipped and we’ve charged your credit card.

What is the status of my order? How do I track my order?

Once you place an order, you can check on its status at any time on the Order Status Page in your account.  Once we ship your order, you’ll receive a shipment confirmation email that contains your tracking information.

How can I cancel or change my order?

If for any reason you would like to change or cancel your order, please contact GO SMILE Customer Service. We will make every effort to accommodate your request. However, keep in mind our system is designed to fulfill orders as quickly as possible. As a result, we cannot cancel or change an order once it has entered the shipping process.

Is my personal and credit card information safe on your website?

Yes. We’ve taken several steps to ensure all information received from our online visitors is protected from unauthorized access and use. All communications are encrypted and data is stored on a secure server.

How do I use LED Light device?

Apply to teeth and hold the light device to your mouth and shine the light onto teeth.  The device will turn off automatically after 10 minutes.  Use twice a day.

For faster whitening results, pair with our Teeth Whitening Gel, Teeth Whitening Pen or Super White Snap Pack applicators. 

What kind of batteries are used in the Dental Pro, Sonic Blue, On The Go Sonic Blue and Smart Brushes?

Lithium battery. This battery is rechargeable and not replaceable. Please contact customer service if your brush has stopped charging. 

The charger light on BLU did not go on? How can I check to make sure it's charging?

Check all 3 connections, especially the connection to the charging base. It is a tight fit, so give it a firm push.

Ensure GO SMILE Logo is faced up on cord when plugged in.

Be sure the device is dry before placing on charger.

What other products can I use with BLU Device for faster whitening?

You can use the Teeth Whitening Pen or Super White Snap Packs. Simply apply serum onto teeth, then immediately insert BLU with whitening tray. Use up to 20 minutes a day for dramatic results.

Can I use BLU Device with other brands of toothpastes?

Yes. You can use BLU with your toothpaste or teeth whitener of choice

How can I get the best cleaning with BLU Device? How to get best whitening results fastest?

Use BLU twice a day. Wiggle the device side to side for a next level clean. For best whitening results, use our Extreme White or Teeth Whitening Pen with the Whitening Tray. Use twice a day for up to 20 minutes.

What do I use with the smooth whitening tray of BLU?
How do I use your formulas with extra tray in BLU Device Kit? What are the instructions?

Simple apply any of our Whitening Serums (Extreme White, Teeth Whitening Pen) onto teeth. Insert BLU, and select whiten mode. Serum is safe to swallow. You may rinse mouth after treatment if you like.

To use Whitening Gel with Whitening Tray – Apply Teeth Whitening Gel to four corners of tray. Insert BLU, and select whiten mode. Wiggle side to side so serum is spread evenly onto teeth. Rinse mouth after using.

Can I just buy the foaming toothpaste for my whitening kit? Where?

Yes. You can purchase here on our website.

How to remove toothbrush head and replace with tray?

This can be found on BLU’s product page.

How to switch from one brushing speed to the next?

Hold power button on the bottom of the device. Keep pressing until you get to your mode of choice.

How to shut BLU off manually?

Hold power button on the bottom of the device for several seconds. Device will then turn off.

Lost BLU’s charging base, could I buy a new one?

Email our customer service team at help@gosmile.com.

I want to buy a new brush head for my BLU. Where can I find it?

Find it here.

Does my subscription order qualify for free shipping if I spend over $50?

No. All subscription orders are charged $4.95.

Why isn't my discount code working?

Discount codes cannot be combined with any other promotions, exclusive kits, holiday kits or subscription offers. One discount per order only. Discounts and subscription offers not applicable to international orders.

Other QUESTIONS? Let's chat.

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