GO SMILE Affiliate Program



The GO SMILE affiliate program drives your web traffic to GoSmile.com, one of the most innovative and effective teeth whitening products in the oral hygiene industry. GO SMILE is a female-run tooth whitening brand dedicated to empowering women by making them feel more confident in their smile than ever before. Through its line of technologically advanced teeth whitening products, your patrons will assuredly find solutions that feel more like a luxurious beauty treatment than an oral care chore.

This program could be marketed to individuals in search of a new teeth whitening regimen that encourages them to smile bigger and brighter.

GO SMILE Affiliate Program Benefits:
 Commissionable Smiles – Earn commission per sale at GoSmile.com
 All-Natural – GO SMILE products are 100% vegan and cruelty-free
 Spread the Word – Due to its efficacy, GO SMILE has been featured by popular television shows such as The View and Good Morning America

How Can You Benefit From This?
Presenting a radiant smile to the world has become increasingly more important with the advent of social media. Thankfully, your site visitors will be afforded the requisite tools perpetually put their best smile forward when you promote the GO SMILE affiliate program on your landing page. Whether your page viewers are business professionals on the go or stay-at-home parents GO SMILE offers teeth whitening kits that epitomize simplicity, size, strength, and speed that allow them to brighten their smile irrespective of their schedule. GO SMILE teeth whitening products contain cutting-edge formulas and patented delivery systems that produce captivating smiles suitable to bolster one’s following online and in the real world. GO SMILE has also partnered with reputable retailers such as Bed Bath & Beyond, KOHL’S, NORDSTROM, and many more.

Look, Mom, No Hands!
One common complaint associated with teeth whitening is the additional time it takes to apply new oral care products. Fortunately for those with little time to spare in the morning, GO SMILE offers an all-in-one, BLU hands-free toothbrush and whitening device. The BLU hands-free toothbrush & whitening device whitens your readers’ teeth, kills bacteria that cause bad breath, and massages its users’ gums to prevent periodontal disease.

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