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GO SMILE Sale & Teeth Whitening Discount Products

SilverDental Pro Whitening Kit
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1 x Dental Pro Toothbrush with Patented Blue Light Wave Technology (includes 1 brush head)
1 x 3.4oz Teeth Whitening Gel with Hyperox™ Technology
2 x Replacement Brush Heads w/Cover
1 x Teeth Whitening Shade Chart
1 x Charging System

    Bacteria-Killing Patented Blue Light Wave Technology.

    Advanced formula Teeth Whitening Gel with Hyperox™ Technology.

    Penetrates teeth for deep whitening and not just surface stains.

    Timer reminds you to brush the 4 sections of your mouth evenly.


    The GO SMILE Dental Pro Whitening Kit is a complete at-home kit which lets you skip the dentist and achieve the same results.


    Just replace your regular brushing routine with the GO SMILE Dental Pro. Add equal parts Teeth Whitening Gel and your favorite toothpaste to the Dental Pro and brush in small, slow, circular motions. The brush’s timer pulses to tell you when to move the brush to a new part of your mouth, so you brush everywhere evenly. Rinse and enjoy your brighter smile in as little as 2 days!