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If you're looking to get a brighter, whiter smile as fast as possible - The Sparkle Kit is for you! It has all of our top-selling gel and serum products at an amazing price.

Our Award Winning Whitening Pen and Stain Erasers can be used on-the-go to maintain your smile while you're out and about. The Whitening Gel and Extreme White 7-Day Whitening System will work behind the scenes to boost your smile to the whitest and brightest it can be.

This kit is perfect for whitening beginners as well as those who've been at the whitening game for a while!


  • 1x Whitening Pen
  • 1x Whitening Gel
  • 1x 14 Count Stain Erasers
  • 1x Extreme White
    Sparkle Bundle

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