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The Benefits of Smiling: GO SMILE’s 20-Year Anniversary

There are so many benefits of smiling. If you love what a smile does, you’re in good company. GO SMILE™ has been whitening teeth for over 20 years. We know smiles are important, which is why we create safe and effective whitening products. 

To commemorate our 20-year anniversary, we’re celebrating our commitment to clean, bright smiles. Discover more about what it means to show off your teeth to the world. As you reflect on the advantages of smiling, you’ll be excited to try our best teeth whitening products. Soon, you’ll be smiling more often than ever before! 

Smiling Brings People Together 

One of the biggest advantages of smiling is that it brings people together. Research shows that smiling can create stronger connections. Our human emotions and facial expressions are contagious, so your smile can have a positive influence on others. 

Two decades ago, a dentist founded GO SMILE™ to help people smile more. That’s why we revolutionized at-home and on-the-go teeth whitening products. We make it faster and easier to get the smile you deserve. It doesn’t matter if you’re using our whitening pen or our hands-free toothbrush, you’ll see quick results. When you love your smile, you’ll be ready to forge new relationships and enjoy quality time with those you care about.  

Smile More with the Best Teeth Whitening Products

Smiling Improves Your Mood 

The act of smiling can be a positive influence. Smiling can also have a significant impact on your own mood. According to a research study, there are benefits to making yourself smile. The act releases feel-good hormones in your body, which can trigger positive emotions and make you feel better than before you were smiling. 

Whiter, healthier-looking teeth will encourage you to smile more often. Then, with an excellent attitude, you’ll set the tone for a productive day. GO SMILE™ products, like our Glow on the Go blue light device and our sonic toothbrush for kids, are another way to brighten your smile and feel happy. 

Blue-light technology gives you maximum whitening results at lightning-fast speed. Along with that, you’ll help to kill harmful bacteria that can lead to gum disease. Our kids’ toothbrushes have blue light and red light therapy. Kill germs and encourage healthy circulation in the gums and then clean teeth with the help of cute animals while whitening without sensitivity. 

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Smiling Gives You Confidence 

When you’re in a good mood, you’ll have the confidence to achieve your goals. After all, healthy-looking teeth make it easy to smile more. With clean gums and white enamel, you’ll be inspired to start a conversation or try something new. 

GO SMILE™ products are known for their innovation and ease of use. Brighten your teeth while you brush or use our stain erasers while you travel. You’ll know that you can get white teeth no matter where the week takes you. Maintain an attractive smile with an experience just as amazing as the technology. 

There are so many ways to get a confident smile that will have a ripple effect on others. For instance, you can start with our luxury mint toothpaste and deluxe teeth whitening gel. Or get a head start on your whitening goals with a professional teeth whitening system. From proactive whitening to caring for deep stains, we’ve spent the last 20 years making sure you can get the teeth you want. 

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We’re excited to help you get your best smile ever. Based in the San Francisco Bay area, we know just how important bright, healthy-looking teeth are to daily life. We know how busy your day can be as well. We are committed to helping you care for your teeth and gums. Our foundation in dentistry makes it possible to develop the most effective teeth-whitening products on the market. 

If you want to know what sets us apart, check out our cutting-edge formulas and patented delivery systems. Strong clinical studies from highly respected organizations such as Columbia University give you the confidence to use our products and give you the smile you desire. Browse our pages for information on our effectiveness and results. It’s easy to see just how much our teeth whitening can do for your smile. 

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Get a Healthy-Looking, Beautiful Smile 

A healthy-looking smile will never go out of style, which is why GO SMILE™ has stood the test of time. While we celebrate the past 20 years of success, we look forward to serving you in the years ahead. We’ll continue our legacy of providing safe, gentle and clinically proven whitening products. 

While you keep up with your healthy-looking smile, we’ll stay committed to vegan and cruelty-free formulas. We’ll also continue to pursue more award-winning results. As you use your favorite GO SMILE™ products, you’re sure to see how amazing it is to smile more. Not only that, but you’re sure to see the positive effect you have on others.