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3 Teeth Whitening Tips for a Beautiful Smile

Everyone deserves a beautiful, healthy-looking smile. If you think it may be time to improve your whitening routine, there are beauty products and helpful activities that can make your teeth look shades whiter. Read the following teeth whitening tips for the tools and tricks you need to achieve your personal whitening goals. Keep this guide in mind during the holiday season and beyond. Whether you are preparing to travel or planning celebrations with friends, the confidence you have from your bright, white smile is sure to inspire. 

1. Create a Personalized Whitening Routine 

A white smile is a beautiful smile. If you do not already have a routine for your teeth, now is the perfect time to start one. The holiday season is a busy time, so it helps to start a new beauty regimen as early as possible. Do the same activities each day to create a habit and maintain your results. Start by purchasing whitening essentials, like a gentle whitening toothpaste that is safe and gentle enough to use every time you brush. 

If you prefer, you can combine teeth whitening gel with your favorite toothpaste. Simply squeeze both formulas onto your toothbrush and then brush your teeth as normal. This simple adjustment to your twice-daily brushing routine can help you whiten your teeth up to 10 times better than with the leading whitening toothpaste. 

When you are done with brushing and flossing, boost your whitening power with a convenient and effective whitening device. The Glow on the Go blue light device is an excellent choice. It pairs our award-winning teeth whitening pen with bacteria-killing blue light technology. Use it as you get ready for the day or relax at night. It is also compact enough to take with you while you travel. Achieve maximum whitening results at a faster speed without changing your overall beauty regimen. This device is also refillable for teeth whitening pens.

Brighten Your Smile with Whitening Toothpaste

2. Use ‘On the Go’ Whitening 

Convenient “on the go” whitening devices make it easier than ever to get and maintain a beautiful smile. Take these compact, travel-friendly products with you while you work or socialize. Our whitening toothpaste and teeth whitening gel come in a convenient miniature size, while our teeth whitening pen is easy to store in a purse or backpack. 

To achieve a healthy-looking smile for every event, try any of our Sonic Blue teeth whitening kit. This modest-sized teeth whitening kit includes a sleek, blue light bacteria-killing sonic toothbrush along with our effective and gentle teeth whitening gel. An included USB charging cable and adapter allows you to use your toothbrush anywhere you go. See a whiter smile in as little as two days, which helps you to achieve dramatic results while you travel to your next destination. 

Stain eraser tins are easy to store in your bag and can help you to refresh your smile before you meet with friends. Single use applicators of teeth whitening gel with Hyperox™ technology will whiten your teeth in as little as one day. Whether you are attending a party or taking holiday photos, these small but mighty products can make your smile look more beautiful in less time. With no preparation needed and little effort required, you can feel confident about your teeth without sacrificing your vacation time. 

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3. Buy Multipurpose Whitening Products 

An attractive smile is not only clean and healthy, it is also free of disease. This is why using multipurpose whitening products is so helpful for those wanting to achieve beautiful results. Many of today’s popular beauty tools include innovative technology that allows you to accomplish more than one wellness goal, like improving oral health and whitening tooth enamel.

Products like our BLU whitening device are the perfect example. The hands-free BLU toothbrush and whitening device allows you to clean and brighten your teeth while you do other things. A gum massager assists in preventing periodontal disease by stimulating blood circulation.  

Foaming whitening toothpaste helps to whiten teeth up to seven shades in seven days without sensitivity, while blue light kills bacteria that leads to bad breath while speeding up the whitening process. A two-minute timer helps ensure you brush thoroughly. Like our other whitening products, a USB charger and wall adapter make this device travel-friendly. Since BLU does many things, you will not have to carry as many beauty products while you travel. 

Discover Travel-Friendly Teeth Whitening Kits

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Achieving an Attractive, White Smile 

Getting a beautiful, bright smile does not have to be difficult. You can also do it as you enjoy the holiday season. Shop for the right products and tools to increase your whitening results while positively impacting the health of your teeth and gums. All of our products whiten without sensitivity, so you will be able to keep your routine and enjoy the confidence of a white smile no matter what the holidays have in store for you.