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The Ultimate Guide: Starting a Teeth Whitening Routine


At-home teeth whitening is majorly on the rise, and it’s no secret why. Having pearly whites can leave a lasting impression, boosting our self-esteem and enhancing our overall appearance. 

Finding the right teeth-whitening routine is easier than you think, with plenty of quick and convenient treatments available to whiten your smile, even after just one use. 

Whether you're a coffee lover battling those stubborn dark stains or a frequent tea drinker yearning to restore your teeth's natural brightness, follow our ultimate guide on how to whiten your teeth at home.


  1. What are the different methods for whitening teeth?
  2. What you need to whiten teeth at home
  3. Teeth whitening at-home routine
  4. Benefits of home teeth whitening
  5. Top tips for maintaining white teeth

What are the different methods for whitening teeth?

Various teeth whitening methods are available, so you can find the right one for you. With whitening toothpaste, pens, gels, and blue light devices to choose from, pick a method that you can conveniently fit into your daily routine. 

What you need to whiten teeth at home:

  1. Blue light toothbrush or device that accelerates the whitening agent and kills bacteria for a healthy smile.
  2. Whitening toothpaste to replace your regular toothpaste, so choose a product with fluoride.
  3. Whitening gel which works with your whitening toothpaste to deeply whiten teeth and remove stains from deep beneath the surface of your teeth
  4. Whitening pens contain an effective whitening serum for an added boost.
  5. Stain erasers to remove stains from your teeth after coffee, wine, or other dark-colored food and drink to maintain whiteness.

Teeth whitening at-home routine

Brushing, whitening, and maintaining are the three key steps in achieving and maintaining a healthy white smile.


Choose your preferred brush or device and pair it with a fluoride whitening toothpaste or toothpaste and whitening gel.

Toothpaste, whitening gel, and blue light toothbrush
  1. Add equal parts whitening gel and your toothpaste of choice to your blue light toothbrush. We have designed this toothbrush so there’s room for a bit of each product on the brush head to combine to clean and whiten simultaneously.
  2. Brush in small, circular motions for two minutes. Your toothbrush timer will pulse after 30 seconds to tell you when to move on to another part of your mouth. 
Whitening foaming toothpaste and blue light device
  1. Add foaming and whitening toothpaste to your blue light device brushing tray.
  2. The brushing mode features regular and gentle settings and has a built-in 2-minute timer. The brush tray is designed to deliver a 360-degree cleaning and whitening experience, targeting all your teeth at once.

Blut light teeth whitening device


After brushing, choose your preferred whitening agent and blue light device to boost your whitening results. 

Choose your whitening agent

Whitening ampoules - Flip the applicator open from the paper sleeve and reinsert it with the applicator pointing outwards. Snap the applicator between your thumb and index finger, and with the applicator pointing down, squeeze it firmly until the inner tube snaps. Ensure the tip is fully saturated before applying. Apply the solution directly on the teeth in a circular motion. 

Whitening pen - Simply twist the dial at the bottom of the pen to release the whitening serum. Brush a thin layer of whitening gel onto the front of your teeth, focusing on areas with darker stains and avoiding gum lines. For the serum to be most effective, don’t eat, drink, or rinse for 20 minutes after applying it.

Women using teeth whitening pen

Use your blue light device

Your BLU Whitening Device comes with two mouthpieces. The mouthpiece with bristles is for cleaning and whitening, while the smooth one is for whitening only. 

Use it with any whitening formula for at least five minutes or up to 20 minutes. Be sure to wait at least 20 minutes before you rinse your mouth, eat or drink. For best results, use twice a day.

Women using blue light device


After reaching your desired whiteness, maintain your gorgeous new smile with maintenance products. 

Stain erasers

These amazing little erasers remove stains before they set and touch-up problem spots and help maintain a bright, white smile for the long run. Use them after coffee, tea, wine, or other dark-colored products, and use them directly on each tooth's surface in a circular motion.

Glow on the Go

Glow on the Go is a refillable blue-light device designed to pair with GO SMILE’s teeth-whitening pen for maximum whitening results. Insert the teeth whitening pen into the device and twist it until the serum comes out. Turn on the blue light and brush the serum across the top teeth. The device will beep after 30 seconds for you to move onto the bottom teeth.

Women using blue light device and whitening ampoule

Top tips for maintaining white teeth

Achieving a perfectly white, flawless smile is a journey that takes consistency and a bit of maintenance. But the truth is that it’s not nearly as complicated as it seems, and the reward — a smile you can be proud to flash — is well worth any extra effort. 

Here are some great tips for how to get the most out of your at-home whitening experience.

1. Don’t skip whitening while you travel

There are many excellent, travel-friendly teeth-whitening products that you can use to keep your whitening routine alive while you’re on vacation or at work. Whether in your purse, backpack, gym bag, or desk drawer at work, it helps to have some compact touch-up solutions on hand to keep those pearly whites bright after a cup of coffee or a glass of wine.

2. Set a routine reminder

The more consistently you use your whitening products, the better your results will be. We tend to recommend whitening before bed because that’s usually when you give your teeth the most attention, but it doesn’t really matter when you whiten as long as you stick to your routine and do it daily.

3. Brush three times a day

Try to brush three times a day - once before breakfast or coffee, once midday after lunch, and once in the evening before heading to bed.

4. Use a straw for dark-colored drinks

Sipping your beverages through a straw is essential in maintaining those pearly whites as it allows you to enjoy your favorite drinks, minimizing contact with your teeth and preventing discoloration.

5. Whiten twice a day

Whitening in the morning and at night will help attack those deeply set stains and any that may accumulate throughout the day, especially if you have severe yellowing or discoloration. 

The benefits of GO SMILE’s home teeth whitening

Two main teeth whitening types are available — at-home and professional (in-office) options. The former can be done with professional-grade products at home, while the latter must be done in person at the dentist’s office. 

So why does home teeth whitening beat pro treatments?

1. It’s cheaper 

When your dentist administers whitening, you’re looking at an average cost of over $600 as a one-off treatment. Buying your teeth whitening products means you can use them daily with prices starting at under $100.

2. It’s more convenient

Who has time to sit in a dentist’s office for an hour to 90 minutes when life is busy? At-home teeth whitening is something you can do while you work, watch TV, or clean. In many cases, you must brush your teeth, apply a solution and get on with your life.

3. It’s effective

High-quality teeth whitening products by GO SMILE can dramatically whiten your teeth in as little as two days. Patented technologies and proven formulas remove deep and surface stains for a stunning smile. 

4. It’s safe and healthy

Home whitening solutions often include innovative technologies, such as our blue light devices, that whiten your teeth and kill potentially harmful bacteria. This helps ensure fresh breath while keeping your whole body safe and healthy.

Shop whitening kits at GO SMILE

A major part of learning how to whiten teeth at home is finding products that work for you.If you know that your system is simple, effective, and healthy, you can integrate it into your routine easily to get the best possible results.

Shop teeth whitening kits from GO SMILE to find everything you need to achieve a healthy smile and boost your self-confidence.


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