The popularity of teeth whitening continues to grow at an astonishing pace and is currently the number 1 requested cosmetic practice in the U.S. However, professional teeth whitening at the dentist can be painful, time consuming and most definitely too expensive for everyone to afford.

That’s all changed with the revolutionary Super White Snap Packs from GO SMILE!

What Are They?

Voted “BEST Overall Teeth Whitening System” by, GO SMILE Super White Snap Packs are an AFFORDABLE, QUICK and EASY way to get your beautiful smile back to brilliant. The entire Snap Pack Whitening Kit consists of (14) airtight, double-sealed whitening ampoules filled with our potent whitening formula. This exclusive, patented  design ensures that the whitening formula stays potent until the moment you’re ready to use it. When used as directed, our Snap Packs are clinically proven to significantly whiten teeth in just one week– up to 7 shades in 7 days. Designed and manufactured here in the U.S., our Super White Snap Packs are the strongest whitening solution of the GO SMILE product line.

Directions: How to Use a Snap Pack

Applying our Super White Snap Packs is incredibly easy, and it’s this convenience that sets us apart from common whitening strips, pens and trays.

  1. Simply FLIP the outer case
  2. SNAP the airtight applicator
  3. SQUEEZE to saturate the tip with whitening formula
  4. APPLY directly to each tooth’s surface in a circular motion.


Once applied, the whitening formula instantly starts to “erase” surfaces stains thanks to the combination of oxygen, whitening formula and manual application. The formula is incredibly effective, gentle on teeth gums and dissolves away in minutes. Use Super White Snap Packs once in the morning and night for 7 days to achieve your whitest smile possible. For best results, apply after brushing teeth. Wait 20 minutes after applying before eating and drinking so stains don’t set in!


Benefits of Brighter Smile

A brighter, healthier smile has enormous benefits to your health, happiness and confidence. A whiter smile makes you look youthful, approachable and boosts your self esteem to conquer whatever challenge stands in your way. On the flip side, dark teeth stained yellow (from food, drink and neglect), affect your confidence in bad way, and hinder your smile’s natural ability to communicate confidence and health. 

If you are looking for a long-lasting, brilliant smile, along with a boost in confidence and natural beauty, Shop our Super White Snap Packs today. It’s our fastest, easiest and truly most effective kit in GO SMILE has to offer.


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