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Everything You Need to Know About Red Light Teeth Whitening

Today’s innovations in teeth whitening make it faster and easier to get a brighter smile than ever before. The best advancements also work to support your oral health. Blue light technology and red light teeth whitening are two of the most on-trend and efficient ways to get healthy results for your teeth and gums. If you use GO SMILE products, you already know some of the advantages of using blue light devices like our blue light toothbrush. Another impressive technology is red light therapy (RLT), which can help to create an effective holistic regimen for teeth whitening and gum wellness. 

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In this guide, you will learn more about these two excellent additions to whitening your tooth enamel. Discover the right products and strategies for gently whitening your teeth. Best of all, you can do it without any sensitivity to your teeth or gums.  

What Is Red Light Teeth Whitening? 

Red light teeth whitening is a form of red light therapy for the body. Low wavelengths of red light are shown to help promote healing and reduce inflammation in skin and body tissue. RLT has been shown to assist with many beauty needs, including reducing wrinkles and other signs of aging. It is also a therapy for improving hair growth and for promoting wound healing. Red light teeth whitening uses the benefits of RLT to help increase circulation. Red light can assist with gum inflammation and tissue damage and may even be able to help prevent tooth sensitivity.  

How Does Red Light Compare to Blue Light? 

Red light has a lower frequency than blue light does, which means it carries less energy. This means the two forms of light have different purposes and properties when it comes to wellness and beauty. Red light therapy can penetrate deeper into skin and tissue than blue light technology. 

Blue light whitening will help you to kill bacteria that contribute to tooth decay and gum disease. RLT will promote better gum health by enhancing circulation in the mouth. Some of the best toothbrushes and oral care devices feature both blue light and red light technology. 

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Using Red Light for Teeth Whitening 

Many state-of-the-art teeth whitening products and devices include RLT. We recommend sonic toothbrushes with red light to help enhance gum health while removing plaque and food particles from teeth. The GO SMILE hands-free sonic toothbrush for kids is one of our favorites because it uses gentle yet powerful red light technology in a creative and effective way. 

Make a foundation for your child’s health with an RLT brush that looks like one of their favorite animals. The sonic toothbrush increases circulation using red light while using therapeutic lights and music to make the process more fun. A built-in timer lets your little one know exactly when brushing is complete. It is so easy and entertaining. Your child will have fun caring for their gums and teeth. 

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Combining Blue Light Technology with RLT 

Many of the best devices, like the GO SMILE hands-free sonic toothbrush for kids, also include blue light technology for killing germs. This toothbrush packs the power of blue light and red light technology into one, but you can also find a separate blue light toothbrush to go with other red light therapy devices. Try our Sonic Blue Smart Brush with bacteria-killing patented blue light technology or our BLU Hands-Free Toothbrush & Whitening Device which helps you to whiten teeth and kill germs while you do other things. 

Our GO SMILE Glow on the Go blue light device is a top-seller because it combines our teeth whitening gel with blue light technology. Accelerate your whitening results while enjoying a clean and healthy mouth. Combine our whitening gel with your toothpaste on any brush of your choice to get a whiter smile at home or on the go. There are so many options that you are sure to find the right solution for whitening your teeth and promoting better oral wellness. 

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Enhancing Your Smile with Red Light Teeth Whitening 

Red light therapy makes an excellent companion to your blue light devices. While you brush and whiten your teeth, you can also help to protect your gums at the same time. Promote healthy circulation in your mouth while removing the germs that contribute to disease and bad breath. Since red light and blue light are safe enough for adults and kids, anyone can benefit from these therapies.