If you wince in pain when drinking hot or cold liquids and consistently find that your teeth and gums have major sensitivities, there are likely underlying, potentially serious issues, that could be causing that pain. In this post, we’ll look at some of major problems that cause painful tooth sensitivity (including those cause by whitening products) as well as some of the solutions to resolving the issue.  

What Causes Teeth Sensitivity?

In many cases, teeth become sensitive when the protective, outer layers of enamel of your teeth has been worn away, exposing the sensitive inner tooth. Often times, soft or exposed tooth enamel is at the "root" of the problem. Every day, your teeth are stressed with breaking down a wide variety of foods. Over time, the protective surface enamel surrounding our teeth becomes naturally thinner and weaker; and, therefore exposing the inner tooth, which can cause mild to extreme sensitivity.

Once you start to experience consistent, severe and painful sensitivity, it’s recommended you see a dentist as soon as possible to determine whether there are deeper issues at play. However, if the sensitivity is mild or has just started, there are a few things you can try first:

Foods and Drinks

Common drinks and foods high in acidic content, such as: sodas, tomato sauces, acidic fruits like lemons and oranges (as well as gums and candies with high sugar contents) attack, thin and stain your teeth’s enamel. For prevention, it is best to consume these foods in moderation to better protect your smile. Brushing or cleaning teeth immediately after eating & drinking with a product such as the GO SMILE’s Professional Whitening Gel or GO SMILE’s Stain Erasers is an excellent way to counteract the effects of these highly acidic products.

Pro Tip: It has been shown that high-fiber food and drink such as: yogurt, cheeses, milk, fruits and vegetables help “moisten the mouth” to fight and counteract the bacteria that eats away at tooth enamel.

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Dental Hygiene (Common Mistakes)

  • Avoid Over brushing
  • Avoid Brushing too hard
  • Avoid Grinding Teeth
  • Avoid Over Bleaching with whitening products

While it is very important to brush at least twice a day and floss regularly, cleaning mistakes like brushing too hard, brushing too hard and over bleaching with harsh whitening products can all lead to weakened enamel and exposed nerves. Existing issues such as: gum disease, receding gum lines or cracked or broken teeth can lead to painful sensitivity as well. If you DO experience teeth sensitivity, changing a few simple habits could resolve the issues and (at the very least) prevent the spread of periodontal disease (soar, painful gum line). In the worst-case scenarios, dental work such as a root canal, could be the only way to solve a deeper problem with exposed roots left unattended for too long.

The GO SMILE Recommendation

Here at GO SMILE, we know many of our customers suffer from some kind of teeth sensitivity. That said, our premium teeth whitening products are designed, tested t and guaranteed to be virtually NONSENSITIVE. Consider our Best Selling GO SMILE Dental Pro Teeth Whitening Kit, Professional Whitening Gel or Super White Snap Packs to keep your teeth white, bright and healthy without damaging your teeth’s precious enamel. No more messy trays. No more painful strips!

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