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Your Step-by-Step Guide: How to Use a Teeth Whitening Pen

If you are searching for an effective way to whiten your teeth at home or on-the-go, a teeth whitening pen is an excellent choice. This compact and convenient beauty product is much smaller than the typical home teeth whitening kit, but still provides dramatic whitening results. The following guide will take you step-by-step through how to use teeth whitening pens wherever you travel. Discover how simple it is to get a beautiful smile so you have even more confidence to achieve your beauty and wellness goals. 

Step 1: Brush and Floss Your Teeth 

Before you begin any teeth whitening regimen, your teeth and gums should be as clean as possible. Brushing and flossing will help teeth whitening gel to adhere to your tooth enamel. It also helps the whitening gel to get to dark spots in between each tooth. To encourage even brighter teeth, use a whitening toothpaste that can help to lift surface stains while penetrating yellow spots below the surface. Brush for at least two minutes, taking care to reach all sides of each tooth. Rinse with water.  

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Step 2: Activate the Whitening Pen 

Now that your teeth and mouth are clean, it is time to activate your new whitening pen. Holding the pen in your hand, twist the dial at the bottom to begin releasing the whitening serum. It may take a few twists for the serum to begin flowing. Listen for a clicking sound to know if you are rotating the dial completely. Once you see the serum coming from the brush tip, you can begin to apply the serum to your tooth enamel. 

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Step 3: Apply the Whitening Serum 

Holding the pen upright, brush a thin layer of the whitening gel onto the front of your teeth. Focus on the areas that have the most yellowing or dark spots. As you apply the gel, avoid the lips, tongue and gum line. Continue to twist the dial until you have covered the surface of each tooth that needs whitening. A fresh mint flavor makes the process even more pleasant. The serum will dissolve cleanly away, which means there is no need to rinse. Replace the cap to keep it from drying out. 

Step 4: Let the Serum Work 

When you are done applying the serum, you are free to go about your activities. For best results, do not drink water or rinse your mouth for at least 20 minutes. You should also avoid food and other beverages for the same amount of time. Each step that you take will be worth it. In a clinical study, the teeth whitening pen made subjects’ teeth an average of five shades whiter after just seven days of use. The serum was also found to be safe on any dental restoration. 

Step 5: Use Your Whitening Pen Regularly 

To keep your smile beautiful and white, you should use your pen regularly. Keep one in your bathroom drawer and another in your purse. Use it daily after you brush and floss. You can also touch up your teeth while you are working or traveling. Since our teeth whitening pen whitens teeth safely with no pain or sensitivity of teeth and gums, you can be sure that you can keep up with your whitening regimen without risk to your wellness or comfort. 

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Creating Your Personalized Teeth Whitening Routine 

GO SMILE formulas are designed to be safe, effective and gentle enough for regular use, so you can combine our teeth whitening pen with many of our other products. Some of them are even made for each other! The Glow on the Go blue light device enhances the power of the teeth whitening pen and its serum, thanks to innovative blue light technology. Pair the blue light device with your pen to achieve amazing whitening results at maximum speed. Blue light also kills bacteria, which means you can help to prevent periodontal disease while removing stains and yellowing. 

Other whitening products to use in conjunction with our whitening pen include our Sonic Blue teeth whitening kit and our BLU hands-free toothbrush. Clean your teeth while you brush and then increase the impact of your whitening regimen with the convenient pen. There is no right or wrong way to whiten your teeth when you use gentle, vegan and cruelty-free products.