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How to Prevent Cavities with Clean Products

Cavities are painful and affect the health of your teeth. If you do not treat them, your gums can become infected. You may even have to remove your tooth. Thankfully, prevention is easy. 

If you’re curious about how to prevent cavities, start by engaging in an oral health routine. Next, choose clean and gentle products that will help to strengthen your enamel and avoid gum problems. The right products can even make your teeth look whiter and healthier. Discover the best teeth whitening products for whitening and protecting your enamel. When you create a clean regimen for your needs, you will feel confident about the ingredients and excited about your results. 

Why Choose Clean Products? 

Some products that prevent cavities, including the ones here at GO SMILE™, are considered “clean.” Clean beauty products do not have anything toxic or unsafe in them. It’s good to choose clean whitening products because they will be gentler on your teeth. If you care about animals or the environment, you’ll also love that GO SMILE™ products are vegan and eco-friendly. 

Kill Bacteria with a Hands-Free Toothbrush

Ways Clean Products Can Prevent Cavities 

Clean whitening products can be safer for your dental health while helping to prevent cavities. Here, you’ll discover just how these products can prevent tooth decay while completing your usual daily activities. You’ll also like how whitening with GO SMILE™ can help you avoid fillings. 

Brush with a Fluoride Toothpaste 

The American Dental Association (ADA) recommends avoiding cavities by brushing twice daily with fluoride toothpaste. The teeth whitening toothpaste here at GO SMILE™ contains sodium fluoride as an active ingredient, so you know you’re protecting your teeth. You’ll also like how your teeth look cleaner and whiter every morning and evening. 

Boost the power of your mint toothpaste by combining it with a tooth whitening serum. Our whitening gel brightens teeth faster than a comparison whitening toothpaste, all without irritation of the gums or tooth sensitivity. Flossing at least once daily removes food particles and plaque between teeth, which helps avoid decay in tight spots. If you’d like to add to the power of your fluoride paste, ask your dentist about fluoride mouth rinses and mouthwashes. 

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Use Devices That Kill Oral Bacteria 

The right toothpaste or mouth rinse can help kill bacteria, but you’ll do even more to protect your teeth from germs by using blue-light technology. blue-light whitening devices like our hands-free toothbrush clean teeth and accelerate whitening, which means your teeth will be beautiful and free of cavities. The blue light will blast away the bacteria that cause bad breath and oral disease as you brush hands-free. 

The Glow on the Go blue light device is another product that can kill bacteria as it whitens your teeth. You’ll prevent germs from attacking your enamel while achieving maximum whitening results. It combines with our whitening pen, which means you can take it wherever you wish. Convenient devices make it easier to keep your teeth clean and healthy. 

A sonic whitening toothbrush with blue light technology will make it easy to remove plaque as you brush. More effective than a manual toothbrush, the blue light will also kill germs that lead to dental problems. A sleek and compact design lets you take it with you while you travel. It’s also stylish and efficient enough to use as your regular toothbrush at home. 

Keep Your Teeth Gorgeous with a Whitening Pen!

Create a Blended Oral Care Routine 

Now that you have some ideas for the products that whiten your teeth and help prevent cavities, it’s time to create the proper dental care regimen. Adding a combination of strengthening fluoride and preventative blue light from GO SMILE™ to your brushing and flossing routine will make it more difficult for germs and gum disease to affect your mouth. Start with whitening toothpaste or gel. A toothbrush with sonic power will help you rinse plaque and food particles away. As you get to hard to reach areas easier than before, you’ll remove even more germs.  

Gentle, clean products mean that you can stack the items without experiencing gum irritation or tooth sensitivity. You can even use more than one blue light product to achieve a noticeably whiter smiler. There is no right or wrong way to create your routine if you clean your teeth thoroughly. Take care to reach all areas of your enamel, and you will enjoy better health and whiter teeth. 

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Using Clean Products for Healthier, Whiter Teeth 

Now you know which clean products are best for your teeth. One of the finest parts about today’s innovative whitening and beauty products is that they can also enhance your oral health and wellness. When you shop clean with GO SMILE™, you can feel confident that you’ll take care of your smile and the planet.