A Comprehensive Guide: How Does Blue Light Teeth Whitening Work?

Most of us know about light-emitting diodes (LEDs) for the home, car or office. They are also a helpful technology in the dental field. Blue light teeth whitening is well known among dentists and is one of the most innovative and on-trend ways to boost the benefits of your whitening regimen. Some dental patients and beauty enthusiasts are wondering: How does blue light teeth whitening work and is it right for me? 

As you find out more in this guide about whitening with LED light, you will also learn if it is effective for your needs. Discover which teeth whitening kits and tools include blue light teeth whitening so you can help brighten your tooth enamel with convenience and ease. Use this information to create an oral care plan with your dentist. Knowing about blue light will also help you to design a routine for the home, important events or when you travel.  

Whiten Gently with Our Teeth Whitening Kits

What Is Blue Light Technology for Teeth? 

Blue light technology for teeth whitening uses low-frequency lightwave technology. For years, accelerated whitening with blue LED light has been studied and used as an alternative to other whitening strategies. This includes ultraviolet (UV) light treatments. 

The robust yet gentle energy emitted from the LED light helps to activate the power of dental formulas such as teeth whitening gel. When activated, it boosts the strength of the whitening formula and enhances your dramatic teeth whitening results. Besides enhancing the power of your whitening devices, blue light technology is also known to kill many types of bacteria.  

blue light brushes

What Are the Benefits of Blue Light? 

Studies on antimicrobial blue light show that it quickly and effectively eliminates germs that are known to cause illnesses in humans. While making your teeth whitening work better, you will also help to protect your gums and tooth enamel from damage and decay. When combined with light sonic oscillation from a device like a whitening toothbrush, blue light can help to give you cleaner teeth and a healthier-looking smile. Best of all, you can do it with virtually no sensitivity. 

Some devices such as our hands-free toothbrush include a blue LED light to make it simple to kill bacteria and whiten your teeth while you work, study or travel. Blue light for teeth helps to make it possible. LED light therapy is effective in as little as a few minutes per day. Complete the process while you are brushing and flossing. 

Blue Light Whitening with GO SMILE

If you are interested in protecting and whitening your teeth with blue light, GO SMILE is the creator of a variety of blue light devices for helping to enhance your smile. This includes our best-selling Glow on the Go blue light device, which is paired with our award-winning teeth whitening pen. Whiten on the go with a convenient and compact solution for brightening the appearance of your teeth. When combined with powerful blue LED light, you will see quick, maximum whitening results. A refillable design makes it easy to continue your routine without impacting the environment. 

Kill Bacteria with a Blue Light Toothbrush

Blue Light Toothbrush

Other must-have blue light tools include our hands-free toothbrush, which includes a soft silicone mouth tray. While you accomplish your tasks, the BLU Hands-Free Toothbrush & Whitening Device does all of the beautifying for you. Since it contains LED blue light technology, you know you will be getting clean, fresh teeth without thinking too hard about it. Combine your blue light devices with gentle and dentist-developed whitening formulas like our GO SMILE Professional White Teeth Whitening Gel and our BLU Foaming & Whitening Toothpaste. Get an impeccable clean and achieve dramatic whitening results while helping to avoid plaque and decay. 

In the past, many teeth whitening formulas had a reputation for being harsh on teeth. These days, innovative technology from our dentists here at GO SMILE makes it safer and gentler than ever to achieve bright, white tooth enamel. Blue light whitening is one of the solutions that allows you to enjoy the benefits of beautiful teeth without sensitivity to your mouth or gums. As always, you can trust our teeth whitening devices, especially those that involve blue light technology. We are committed to offering effective and awe-inspiring results without sensitivity. Now that you know the advantages of caring for your teeth with blue light, you can add your favorite devices to your daily whitening and oral care routine.