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Do Teeth Whitening Pens Actually Work? We Set the Record Straight

The idea of the teeth whitening pen is quite brilliant. You take a portable, handheld applicator and fill it with whitening gel that requires no toothbrush, no mouth trays, not even a sink. Convenient, travel-friendly and effective? Could it be too good to be true? We understand your skepticism! But GO SMILE has developed premium teeth whitening pens that definitely do deliver, and today we’re going over all the specifics on how it’s possible. 

What Is a Teeth Whitening Pen?

If you’re new to the world of whitening, you may not know much about the different types of whiteners on the market. The small but mighty whitening pen is an on-the-go canister that dispenses teeth whitening serum with a twist-and-release mechanism, just like a writing pen might dispense ink. Whitening pens may be sold as part of a complete teeth whitening system or separately, and they work well when used alone or alongside other products. They’re also great for touching up stubborn stains.

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The serum covers the teeth’s stain-prone surfaces, penetrating deeply to totally rid them of any dark spots. To use, you simply release the serum and brush it onto the front surfaces of your teeth in a thin layer, avoiding the gum line. And here’s where the magic happens! After a few minutes, the serum dissolves completely away — no brushing and no rinsing required — leaving behind whiter teeth and fresh, minty breath. All you have to do is avoid food or drinks for 20 minutes or so after. 


Yes, Teeth Whitening Pens Work. But How?

How do we get power-packed whitening in such an accessible, easy-to-use format? It all comes down to the ingredients. GO SMILE uses a premium-quality formula comprised of hydrogen peroxide, which has been proven to lighten teeth significantly after just two weeks

Peroxide essentially bleaches the enamel of the tooth through a process of oxidation. Though it’s considered very safe, the gel applicator allows you to avoid contact with gums or skin so it doesn’t trigger any sensitivities. Hydrogen peroxide has been well-studied and is largely considered safe when used in the proper concentration.

GO SMILE’s teeth whitening pen also contains alcohol, flavoring and a unique adhesive known as PVP, which allows the gel to stay on your teeth while you go about your life, allowing the solution to sink deep into the enamel and clear away those stubborn stains and discolored spots. You can use pens as your go-to travel teeth whiteners or to touch up your smile after you’ve completed a full whitening system.

The Benefits of Teeth Whitening Pens

So why would you want to opt for a teeth whitening pen over another form of application? There are a few main adjectives we’d use to describe teeth whitening pens when comparing it to other options, including:

  • Easy. All you have to do is brush the gel onto your teeth! You don’t even have to get out your toothbrush! The pen life couldn’t be easier, and the fact that these products take all the guesswork out of teeth whitening actually makes them more effective. When there’s minimal hassle involved, you’re more likely to stick to a routine and see positive results.
  • Effective. We already covered this one, but it bears repeating: high-quality teeth whitening pens contain powerful concentrations of hydrogen peroxide and other active ingredients that are proven to brighten your smile, and studies prove it. 
  • Gentle. Our teeth whitening pens are designed to be gentle and healthy without causing sensitivity. Unlike other forms of whiteners, such as brush-on gels and options that you apply with a tray, pens are made to come into contact with the teeth only, not the gums, tongue or the interior of your cheeks.
  • Affordable. These days, there’s just no denying the value of at-home teeth whiteners when compared with professional options. You get all the whitening performance at a fraction of the cost, and you can do it on your own time without sitting in an office or fussing with a complicated system involving trays or strips.

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So, to Recap: Teeth Whitening Pens Really Work?

Yep, they sure do. No skepticism necessary. It’s really quite simple. By combining tried and true teeth whitening agents with an easy-breezy method of application, you get real, dazzling results. And, when those results come in the form of bright, white chompers, you can consider that a serious win!