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5 Quick and Easy Beauty Tips for Summer

Summer is the time to be seen! Look healthy and feel confident all season long with a few quick and easy beauty tips. While you discover how to whiten your teeth at home and on the go, you will also learn which practices will help to beautify your skin, nails and hair. Once summer is over, these beauty tips can be used all year. 

1. Get a Beautiful Smile Fast 

Our GO SMILE products and whitening kits give you dramatic whitening results fast. They are also made with high-quality, vegan, cruelty-free ingredients. Enhance your summer beauty routine and make the planet a better place. Some of the products that work quickly and give you a dazzling smile include:  

  • Extreme White: Our professional strength whitening system, Extreme White, will leave your smile shades whiter in only seven days. The serum is gentle on gums yet visibly effective within just one day of use. Each airtight applicator protects the potency of the whitening formula until it is applied. The easy-to-use Applicator Technology™ whitens teeth safely with no sensitivity in the teeth or gums. 
  • Blue Light Devices: Our Glow on the Go blue light device combines our whitening pen with powerful blue light technology. With the help of this convenient and portable kit, you will receive effective whitening results at the fastest speed. Each kit includes a USB cord and a wall plug, so you can use it in your hotel or vacation rental. Safely whiten without sensitivity – no matter where you go. 

2. Whiten Your Teeth While Traveling

Even if you notice stains on your teeth, you can still enjoy your favorite red sangria, iced tea and cold lattes. With GO SMILE, it is possible to whiten and prevent yellowing between teeth with the help of our convenient and portable whitening solutions. Some of our most popular on-the-go products for jetsetters, vacationers and bridal parties include: 

  • Whitening Pens: Our portable, compact teeth whitening pen includes a small applicator brush that easily reaches between your teeth. No sink is required, so you can whiten while you travel. The gentle, effective whitening serum dissolves away with a refreshing mint aftertaste. The pen also helps to prevent new stains from setting.
  • Whitening Gels: Use this teeth whitening gel when it is time to brush. While you wash away plaque and food particles, you will also brighten your teeth with powerful Hyperox™ Technology. Our GO SMILE teeth whitening gel is proven to whiten up to 10x better than the leading whitening toothpaste, all without sensitivity. It also comes in convenient, TSA-friendly tubes for taking on the plane with you. 

Try a Convenient Teeth Whitening Pen

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3. Drink Water on the Go  

Warm, sunny weather is the best-case scenario for summer events and travel. However, the hot days may cause you to experience signs of dehydration. By drinking plenty of water, you will feel more energetic while you enjoy your summer plans. You will also feel more emotionally and physically healthy. 

According to Medical News Today, keeping a water bottle handy will boost your skin health, help you to avoid signs of skin aging and flush harmful toxins that affect the teeth, hair and skin. An insulated, reusable water bottle is the best way to fill up, whether you are on the road, at a resort or the airport. To know how much water you should drink, review this guide to daily drinking water recommendations and consult with a doctor if you have questions. 

Hydration will benefit your body and mind. It will also help to remove bits of food and plaque from the spaces in between your teeth. Wash away food and beverages that can lead to dark stains and tooth discoloration, such as coffee, wine or tea. 

4. Use Different Types of Sun Protection 

While you enhance your body health and protect your teeth, add some sun protection to your beauty routine. Sunscreen, hats and sunglasses help you to avoid premature skin aging. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends that you wear UV-blocking clothing, hats and sunglasses to avoid burns from the sun. Many of today’s accessories, like lightweight rash guards and swim caps, are functional and trendy. 

After you put on your chic clothing and accessories, add broad-spectrum sunscreen. Look for a product that has an SPF of 15 or higher and blocks both UVA and UVB rays. Many of today’s products are lightweight, easy to apply and smell great. 

Find your favorite sunscreen, use it before you spend time outdoors and then reapply when you sweat, swim or sit in the sun for more than two hours. To avoid fine lines and wrinkles on your skin, the best protection from the sun is shade. Stay under an umbrella, awning or tree as much as you can while you are outside. This practice will also help you to stay cool and prevent dehydration. 

5. Try a New Summer Hairstyle 

Some of the hottest summer hairstyles do not require any heat tools. Give your tresses a break from the blow dryer and straightener and try a few easy updos. Pigtail braids and scarf braids are chic and keep strands of hair away from your face. Sleek knots and simple bun updos with tendrils are simple, fashionable and look great in photos. Beach waves and loose topknots are perennially popular. 

Pack a few accessories, like hair clips and barrettes. Bring your favorite gel, pomade or texture sprays. Combine them with your teeth whitening supplies and skin products in a small travel case. While you will stay beautiful from head to toe, you will also be able to place everything you need in your carry-on bag. 

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Feel Beautiful and Confident This Summer 

Whether you are part of a wedding, taking a much-needed vacation or getting your social life back this summer, these beauty tips will have you feeling great inside and out. You are also sure to enhance your beauty routine with our GO SMILE whitening products. Our whitening pen and stain erasers are just a couple of the items that are perfect for bringing along with you while you are traveling. 

To jumpstart your whitening program, it is also a good idea to grab a GO SMILE whitening kit. They are a great way to ensure you are brightening the gaps between your teeth, as well as every surface of your tooth enamel. We carry sets that are convenient enough for travel. Order a set for your next trip, which includes everything from a bacteria-killing toothbrush to handy whitening applicators. 

Get a Brilliant Smile with Whitening Kits