A Beginner's Guide: How to Whiten Your Teeth at Home

beginners guide how to whiten teeth at home

At-home teeth whitening is majorly on the rise, and it’s no secret why. Research shows that 80 percent of Americans want whiter teeth, with the vast majority of people citing a boost in self-confidence as the driving factor. Having pretty, pearly whites makes you feel great about yourself while also encouraging you to smile and laugh more. It’s one of those cosmetic enhancements that can significantly boost your quality of life without a huge financial investment or a ton of effort. 

How does it work, you ask? It’s easier than you might think. Indeed, if you’re one of the millions of people who dreams of a blindingly white smile, then you’re living in a great moment in human history. Back in the day, seekers of bright smiles resorted to ground pumice stone and other strange elixirs to reach their whitening goals, but those days are long, long gone. Today, you can get white teeth in a matter of just a few days without having to make a single appointment.

We know that finding the right teeth whitening system and mastering it can feel overwhelming, especially if you’ve never used one before. GO SMILE is here to help you every step of the way, from recommending quality products to helping you integrate them into your routine so it feels as natural as brushing your teeth before bed.

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The Benefits of Home Teeth Whitening

There are two main types of teeth whitening available — at-home and professional (in-office) options. The former can be done with professional-grade products at home, while the latter must be done in-person at the dentist’s office. Home teeth whitening beats out pro treatments for a number of reasons, including:

  • It’s cheaper. When you have your dentist administer whitening, you’re looking at an average cost of $650, but treatments often climb past $1,000, depending on where you live and the kind of whitening offered. On the other hand, high-quality at-home teeth whitening systems bring effective results for under $150.
  • It’s more convenient. When life is busy, who has time to go sit in a dentist’s office for an hour to 90 minutes at a time? At-home teeth whitening is something you can do while you work, watch TV or clean. In many cases, all you have to do is brush your teeth, apply a solution and get on with your life.
  • It’s effective. High-quality teeth whitening products by GO SMILE can dramatically whiten your teeth in as little as two days. Patented technologies and proven formulas remove deep and surface stains for a stunning smile. 
  • It’s safe and healthy. Home whitening solutions often include innovative technologies, such as our blue light devices, that not only whiten your teeth, but also kill potentially harmful bacteria. This helps ensure fresh breath while also keeping your whole body safe and healthy.

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What You Need to Whiten Teeth at Home

You don’t need much to whiten your teeth at home. To ensure that you have everything you need to get started, buy all of these items as part of a full teeth whitening kit.

  • Toothbrush — But not just any toothbrush — you need to use a blue light toothbrush to banish those tough stains! These cutting-edge devices employ advanced blue light technology to help kill bacteria that causes bad breath while also accelerating whitening. Want to take advantage of the blue light power while doing other things? Grab a hands-free blue light toothbrush.
  • Whitening Toothpaste — Your teeth whitening toothpaste is going to replace your regular toothpaste, so it’s important that it does more than just whiten. You need a product that has healthy, cavity-fighting ingredients and leaves your breath smelling fresh at the same time. It should prep your teeth for whitening while also giving your chompers a deep clean and brightness boost.
  • Whitening Gel — Whitening gel works with your whitening toothpaste to deeply whiten teeth and remove stains from deep beneath the surface of your teeth. Our Whitening Gel is amazing because it is proven to whiten up to 10 times better than the leading whitening toothpaste.
  • Whitening Pens — If you need an added boost, stock up on teeth whitening pens or our popular Teeth Whitening Snap Packs filled with gentle but effective teeth whitening serum that helps you achieve a brighter smile in just seven days. These work well alongside your whitening gel and toothpaste to help give your routine an added boost. Plus, you can use them literally anywhere since they’re self-contained and don’t require the use of your toothbrush.
  • Stain Erasers — The always amazing GO SMILE Stain Erasers were made to give you that just-brushed feeling and address surface stains so you always have a beautiful smile, even if you love your morning coffee and after-work wine (who doesn’t?). They also make great teeth whitening maintainers to help seal in that gorgeous white smile without going through the full whitening routine each day.

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    How to Whiten Teeth at Home

    So now that you’ve loaded up on the best teeth whitening products out there, where do you begin with your whitening routine? It’s actually simpler than you might imagine. Just follow these steps and enjoy next-level brightness. Here’s how to whiten teeth at home using our Teeth Whitening Starter Kit. We recommend completing this routine twice a day, in the morning and at night before bed.

    • Floss — Good dental hygiene is crucial to a successful whitening plan, so we always emphasize the importance of daily flossing. Before beginning your evening whitening routine, give your teeth a full floss.  
    • Brush with Toothpaste and Gel — Add equal parts Whitening Gel and your toothpaste of choice to your blue light toothbrush. We have designed this toothbrush so there’s room for a bit of each product on the brush head so they combine to clean and whiten simultaneously. Brush in small, circular motions for two minutes. Your toothbrush timer will pulse to let you know when to move on to another part of your mouth. 
    • Apply Whitening Snap Packs — Flip the applicator open from the paper sleeve and reinsert it with the applicator pointing outwards. Snap the applicator between your thumb and index finger. With the applicator pointing down, squeeze firmly until the inner tube snaps. Then begin to pump it. Make sure the applicator is pointing down and the tip is fully saturated — almost to the point of dripping — before applying. Apply the solution directly on the teeth in a circular motion. Avoid sensitivity by targeting away from the gum area.  
    • Use the BLU Whitening Device — To get the most out of your whitening, use a blue light device that works to enhance results. These devices also kill bacteria in your mouth, which can help banish bad breath and keep your mouth squeaky-clean. Here’s how to use the BLU Whitening Device: 

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      1. Your BLU Whitening Device comes with two mouthpieces. The mouthpiece with bristles is for cleaning and whitening, while the smooth one is for whitening only. Choose the one you prefer.
      2. Wet mouthpiece and then secure the stem of the unit.
      3. Apply the special Foaming & Whitening Toothpaste to both sides of the mouthpiece.
      4. Choose your speed and time. Choose high or low for cleaning only and use the whitening mode for whitening only. Tip: Wiggle the device side to side for that next-level clean.
      5. For cleaning and whitening, leave the device on for two minutes. For a whitening boost, use it with any whitening formula for at least five minutes but up to 20 minutes. Be sure to wait at least 20 minutes before you rinse your mouth, eat or drink.
      6. Rinse the mouthpiece with warm water and air dry thoroughly. For best results, use twice a day.
      7. Charge the device on your stand using a USB cord and wall plug. The green light will indicate full charge.
    • Maintain with Stain Erasers — After you’ve reached your desired whiteness, be sure to maintain your gorgeous new smile with maintenance products, including Teeth Whitening Gel, Snap Packs, Stain Erasers and our On the Go Teeth Whitening Pen. These amazing, little erasers touch-up problem spots and help maintain a bright, white smile for the long-run.

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    Tips for Making the Most of Your Whitening Journey

    Achieving a perfectly white, flawless smile is a journey that takes consistency and a bit of maintenance. But the truth is that it’s not nearly as complicated as it seems, and the reward — a smile you can be proud to flash — is well worth any extra effort. Here are some great tips for how to get the most out of your at-home whitening experience.

    • Don’t skip whitening while you travel. There are many excellent, travel-friendly teeth whitening products that you can use to keep your whitening routine alive while you’re on vacay, such as the On the Go Sonic Blue Teeth Whitening Kit.
    • Keep a stash with you at all times. Whether in your purse, backpack, gym bag or desk drawer at work, it helps to have some compact touch-up solutions on hand to keep those pearly whites bright after a cup of coffee or a glass of wine. Our Teeth Whitening Snap Packs are excellent for this purpose.
    • Set a reminder. The more consistently you use your whitening products, the better your results will be. Whether your reminder system is old-school — think: a sticky note on the mirror in the bathroom — or involves setting a nightly reminder on your phone, a little nudge will help you keep it consistent.
    • Keep a routine. We tend to recommend whitening before bed because that’s usually when you give your teeth the most attention, but it doesn’t really matter when you whiten, as long as you stick to your routine and do it daily.
    • Whiten twice a day, especially if you have severe yellowing or discoloration. Whitening in the morning and at night will help attack those deeply set stains and any that may accumulate throughout the day.
    • Know what you’re treating. There are a few different types of tooth stains that you should know to make sure you’re whitening according to your specific situation. Get to know them before selecting a plan so you can attack them in the best way possible.

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    The Best Products for the Job

    A major part of learning how to whiten teeth at home is finding products that work for you. If you know that the system you’re using is simple, effective and healthy, you’ll be able to integrate it into your routine with ease so that you get the best possible results. Trust GO SMILE for all your teeth whitening needs and flash those pearly whites for life!