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Take our award-winning teeth whitening pen to the next level with our latest innovation. Glow on the Go is a refillable blue-light device designed to pair with our award-winning teeth whitening pen for maximum whitening results. Get visibly brighter teeth in as little as one use with its powerful blue light technology! This kit includes 2 extra Whitening Pen Refills + the pen that already comes with the Glow On The Go device.  


  • One (1) Glow on the Go Device 
  • Three (3) Teeth Whitening Pens, 0.04 oz each 


 Glow on the Go Device

  • Water-resistant 
  • Powerful blue light technology accelerates whitening & kills bacteria 
  • Beeps every 30 seconds for top and bottom teeth  
  • Brush tip designed to target stained teeth and in-between stains 

Teeth Whitening Pen

  • Formula penetrates to whiten inside and out 
  • Easy to use and portable, great for on the go 
  • Ideal as a “refresher” for people who have whitened recently but are noticing new stains 
  • Can last for up to two weeks (if used twice daily) 
  • Free from fragrances, GMOs, additives, preservatives, sulfates, phosphates, aspartame, parabens, phthalates, mineral oil, silicone, and SLS + SLES
  • Soft brush evenly coats the surface of your teeth and reaches in between teeth for a thoroughly whiter smile  
  • Just-brushed look with no sink required  
  • Serum dissolves cleanly away with a refreshing mint aftertaste – no need to rinse! 

How to Use  

  • Gently twist bottom of the device counterclockwise until dots are lined up and gently pull to remove bottom (this will be where the Whitening Pen goes) 
  • Insert pen into Glow on the Go device 
  • Replace bottom of device by twisting back on 
  • Remove device cap by pulling straight out 
  • Twist bottom of device clockwise until the whitening serum of the pen becomes visible — this will require several twists. Turn the dial at the end of the pen until the brush is saturated with serum. The first use may take many turns 
  • Press power button to turn on. You will hear a beep 
  • Brush the whitening serum across the top row of teeth while focusing on areas with the most amount of staining 
  • The device will beep after 30 seconds to indicate that it’s time to move to the bottom row of teeth 
  • Extra twists of the device may be required to release more whitening serum 
  • The device will beep again after 30 seconds 
  • Wipe off or rinse brush tip under warm water after each use and replace cap 
  • Replace cap while Blue Light is still on to sanitize 
  • Device will automatically turn off once device is done sanitizing 
  • Replace the cap after using it to sanitize the brush tip 
    Glow on the Go Kit
    Glow on the Go Kit
    Glow on the Go Kit
    Glow on the Go Kit
    Glow on the Go Kit
    Glow on the Go Kit

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