Baby BLU Brushing Kit

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The Go Smile Baby BLU Sonic Toothbrush provides interactive fun for a better brushing experience! It will help teach your child healthy oral-care habits that will last a lifetime. Now paired with the newly launched Foaming Toothpaste for Kids in Bubblegum + an additional classic brush head that your child can switch out to learn both types of brushing.  


Introducing GO SMILE's Foaming Toothpaste for Kids! Our goal is to deliver healthy smiles without all the bad stuff. That's why our formula is fluoride-free and was created using only the cleanest ingredients. The foaming bubbles work their magic not only by removing plaque but also by deeply cleaning teeth inside and out. So you and your child can enjoy a worry-free brushing routine that combines cleanliness, safety, and a yummy bubblegum flavor. 

  • Fluoride-free formula 
  • Clean ingredients 
  • Foam penetrates teeth for a deep cleaning 
  • Bubblegum flavor 


  • Brush & Clean 
    • Remove plaque, kill bacteria and prevent cavities with this sonic toothbrush. This child-friendly device brushes all teeth at once, so you don’t have to worry about missing a spot. 
  • Record & Sing
    • Record your favorite tune, funny voice, or words of encouragement on Baby BLU and your child can listen to Pepper the Panda while brushing their teeth. Baby BLU automatically stops brushing when the recording stops. 
  • Light Therapy 
    • Your child’s smile will light up with these engaging, therapeutic lights. Red Light increases circulation for better gum health while Blue Light kills oral bacteria. 
  • Two-Minute Timer 
    • The built-in timer encourages brushing for 2 minutes per American Dental Association recommendation. 
  • Water-Resistant 
    • Durable design withstands even the messiest brushing times. 


(1) Baby BLU Sonic Blue Toothbrush with Brushing Mouthpiece in Panda, Penguin or Pig 

(1) 1.7 oz Foaming Toothpaste for Kids in Bubblegum 

(1) USB charging cable for rechargeable battery 

(1) Classic Toothbrush Head Attachment 


*Sonic Toothbrush suitable for kids ages 3-8. 

    Baby BLU Brushing Kit
    Baby BLU Brushing Kit
    Baby BLU Brushing Kit
    Baby BLU Brushing Kit
    Baby BLU Brushing Kit

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