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1 x  6ct Stain Erasers Tin

1 x (14) NET 0.02 fl oz Snap Pack Applicators

1 x 3.4 oz Luxury Mint Toothpaste 

    Power Kit
    Power Kit
    Power Kit
    Power Kit
    Power Kit

    The Benefits

    No sensitivity! We’re proud of this.

    Advanced formula Teeth Whitening Gel with Hyperox™ Technology.

    Penetrates teeth for deep whitening and not just surface stains.

    Just-Brushed look with no sink required.


    Achieve a whiter smile without strips or trays and no sensitivity with this whitening kit. Start with a boost of whitening using the Super White Snap Packs and maintain your bright teeth with using the Teeth Whitening Pen daily.

     How to use Snap Packs

    1. Remove applicator from sleeve and FLIP around and reinsert with white applicator tip point out.
    2. Squeeze applicator to POP inner capsule and squeeze whitening formula through tip.
    3. WHITEN teeth by applying formula onto front of teeth in firm circular motions.


    How to use Teeth Whitening Pen

    1. Remove cap and turn the dial at the bottom of the pen (it will only turn one way) to release the whitening serum into the brush tip. Keep twisting until the tip is saturated. The first use may take many turns.
    2. Apply a thin layer with the brush to the front surfaces of teeth that are visible when you smile, focusing on areas with darker stains and away from gums.
    3. Replace the cap. Wait 20 minutes before eating, drinking or rinsing.

    Use twice a day for 7 days for maximum whitening, then once a day to maintain a white smile.


     *Tip: For optimal results -- after applying, allow to dry by smiling for 3 to 5 minutes so the formula can seal over teeth.

    How It Works

    Stain Erasers

    FLIP – Applicator over from paper sleeve and reinsert it with the applicator pointing outwards.

    POP – With the applicator pointing down, squeeze firmly until the inner chamber breaks. With the applicator still pointing down, squeeze and pump until the cotton tip is saturated with the whitening formula. Make sure the applicator is pointing down and fully saturated – almost to the point of dripping – before applying.

    APPLY – Directly to each tooth’s surface in a circular motion. Avoid sensitivity by targeting away from the gum area. Continue to squeeze the applicator to move the whitening formula as you go!

    After applying, wait 20 minutes before you rinse, eat or drink.

    Teeth Whitening Gel

    Apply equal amounts of Teeth Whitening Gel and your favorite toothpaste, to your toothbrush. Brush teeth thoroughly for 2 minutes covering all parts of your mouth. Rinse and that’s it! You’ll soon have a whiter, brighter smile.

    Teeth Whitening Pen

    Apply to serum from Teeth Whitening Pen to top and bottom of teeth. Hold the light device to your mouth, turn on, and shine the light onto teeth.  The device will turn off automatically after 10 minutes.  Use twice a day.

    After applying, wait 20 minutes before you rinse, eat or drink.

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