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Award-winning Teeth Whitening Pen paired with powerful Blue-Light Technology.


1 x GLOW on the GO Device

1 x NET 0.04 fl oz Whitening Pen


    GLOW on the GO
    GLOW on the GO

    The Benefits

    Maximum whitening results at maximum speed

    Brush tip can reach in between teeth

    Safely whitens without sensitivity

    Easy to travel with


    • Take GO SMILE’s award-winning teeth whitening pen to the next level with this latest innovation.

    • GLOW on the GO is a refillable Blue-Light device designed to be paired with GO SMILE’s teeth whitening pen for maximum whitening results.

    • Get visibly brighter teeth in as little as one use with zoom-level powered blue light.

    Teeth Whitening Pen Ingredients:  Alcohol, PVP, Hydrogen Peroxide, Flavor.

    How It Works

    1. Gently twist bottom of Glow On The Go device counterclockwise until dots line up, then gently pull to remove bottom.
    2. Remove cap from Whitening Pen and insert into bottom of device until the bristles are exposed at the top.
    3. Replace bottom of device by twisting back on and continue twisting until the whitening serum from the pen becomes visible — this will require several twists.
    4. Press power button to turn on the blue light.
    5. Brush serum across the top row of teeth while focusing on areas with the most amount of staining.
    6. The device will beep after 30 seconds to indicate it’s time to move to the bottom row of teeth. TIP: Extra twists of the device may be required to release more whitening serum.                                  
    7. The device will beep again after 30 seconds signifying the completion of the treatment.
    8. Wipe off or rinse brush tip under warm water after each use and replace cap. Rinse brush tip well.
    9. Replace cap while blue light is still on to sanitize.

    The device will automatically turn off once it is done sanitizing.

    To charge:
    Use included USB cord and a wall plug. The charging indicator will light up orange and will turn off once charging is completed.

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