Women Make The World Brighter Every Month

Women Make The World Brighter Every Month

Women Make The World Brighter Every Month

If you were to tell me when I was 10-years-old that I would one day be the CEO of a company like GO SMILE, I wouldn’t have believed you for one of two reasons:

  1. Being a CEO felt like a job only men were supposed to get
  2. I kinda wanted to be the female Indiana Jones

But now that I am the CEO of GO SMILE, I can tell my 10-year-old self – and all young females out there – “You go, girl!” After all, it’s Women’s History Month, so what better time to recognize how far we’ve come?

"Don't let the world change your smile, use your smile to change the world."


Case in point: I’m proud to be carrying out GO SMILE’s core mission: “Empowered by Women for Everyone.” In fact, GO SMILE's management team is comprised of outstanding female executives, and they are all worth mentioning:

  • Angela Koch, Chairman of the Board
  • Elaine Haagen, Sales Manager
  • Michele Glassmaker, Logistics Manager
  • Norene Calamayan, Brand Marketing Manager
  • Cristin Coughlin, Creative Director
  • Megan Whitley, Social Media Manager
  • Natalie Mullins, Finance

These women inspire me every single day, and if they wanted it in writing, there it is. The fact is, I have the privilege of working with and mentoring these women – they have the confidence to take risks, speak up, ask questions, and challenge the status quo. I am so impressed at how these amazing women have formed a “tribe” that supports each other both personally and professionally. It’s the way it should be.

One of my first mentors was my 3rd grade teacher, Mrs. Samson. She challenged and encouraged me to work on my reading skills by constantly having me read out loud in class and forcing me to slow down and comprehend more. In fact, I became such an avid reader, she was an advocate to help me skip ahead a few years to the 6th grade readers group.

It may seem like a small thing, but that experience gave me the confidence and mindset that I could do anything as long as I was dedicated and put in the work – which is exactly the kind of advice I would give any young women out there who want to get ahead in this world. Lean in, don't be afraid to ask questions, look for solutions – not problems. Take time everyday to get organized and above all else, take risks! Nothing ventured, nothing gained, ladies.

We have come a long way and together we will go even further! Founded on this belief, GO SMILE is dedicated to designing a line of products that help women look and feel their best – because while confidence starts from within, it’s projected to the world through a smile.

Whether it’s being a doyenne at home (my new favorite word, look it up) or a leader at the office, women brighten any room they’re in, and collectively, the future itself. After all, every month is Women’s History Month when we work together.

As I’m fond of saying: Don't let the world change your smile, use your smile to change the world.

Leaning In,