If you suddenly feel the symptoms of a cold coming on after flying on an airplane, you are not alone.  Many travelers get sick soon after vacation or business flights.  In fact, numerous studies have shown that airplanes can be the perfect incubator for colds. And while nothing can completely keep you safe from getting sick while traveling, good oral hygiene can go a long way in helping to lessen the risks of getting sick while flying.


A Wall Street Journal article cited a study that claimed that your risk of catching a cold while flying increased as much as 20 percent and cited the Journal of Environmental Health Research which determined that the risk of catching a cold was 113 times more likely when flying than during other daily routines. Numerous studies suggest that a combination of the enclosed, close quarters with other potentially sick passengers, recirculated air and in particular, extremely low humidity help to create an environment that is much more conducive to spreading colds and the flu.


Good oral hygiene and overall good oral health are important for more than just a dazzling smile.  

While it is common sense that good oral care helps prevent gum disease, perhaps less known is the fact that taking great care of your teeth, mouth and gums can also reduce the risks of a host of other illnesses. Inflammation of the gums (periodontal disease) can allow bad bacteria (such as those on an enclosed aircraft) to more easily enter into the bloodstream. This can be a key factor in a traveler with less than healthy gums and teeth catching a cold, flu or worse. 

 A Yale University School of Medicine study discovered that there’s a clear link between oral hygiene and bacterial pneumonia, which is an infection in the lungs that can occur when a person’s immune system has been affected by a cold or flu. The study stated that poor oral hygiene is a common contributing risk factor for contracting pneumonia.  The study goes on to state that those with severe gum issues doubled their risk of getting pneumonia. 

Flossing and brushing regularly with a powerful and proven systems such as the GO SMILE TEETH WHITENING SYSTEM can help prevent unhealthy plaque buildup and gingivitis. An unhealthy mouth and gums can allow the harmful cold and flu bacteria (as well as other diseases and infections) to more easily enter the bloodstream creating a host of potential health problems. 

If you want to fly right and fly healthy, give yourself the best chance of avoiding illness by making great oral hygiene a part of your daily routine. 

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