Teeth whitening… The whiter, the better, right?  Well, NOT. SO. FAST.  White teeth, absolutely, but those blindingly white - looks like nothing in the natural world teeth - are not only unnatural, but the methods used to get that look can actually cause more harm than good..

Over-bleaching, harsh chemical leave-in trays, and less than legit “whitening spas” can often do real damage to teeth, gums and protective enamel.  But, those dangers haven’t stopped millions of people – some seriously addicted to the obsessive quest for unnaturally and unrealistically white teeth.

Billions of dollars are spent annually in the search for the perfect, white smile.  Many of those products are certainly legitimately tested and professionally performed. 

But what are some of the less conventional, possibly dubious methods of teeth whitening?

Dentists have seen it all, including scenarios where full root canals were required because of the damage of over-bleaching. Damaged tissue, worn away greyish enamel and extreme, burning sensitivity are just a few of the reported ramification of attempting to over whiten.

Would you really trust your teeth and gums to random, often unregulated, Naturalists or nutritional gurus telling to use Volcanic rock to whiten your teeth in an online blog somewhere?

Look, natural, organic and healthy are all GREAT things, and if you can find a product that works for you – fantastic!  But not every product touted as “Natural” is necessarily meant to help you do what they say it can do.  And do you really want to mess around with something as sensitive and important as your teeth?

So, while these products and methods may work for some, just do your due diligence and research before using or worse – over using – some of these “natural methods” in the search for whiter teeth.  Check with your dentist and only use trusted products that have been tested

And proven safe.  More on our favorite, GO SMILE TEETH WHITENING GEL and AMPOULES in a moment, but first – Here are just a few of the “natural” teeth whitening methods that are being touted for a brighter, whiter smile.

  1. Lemons, Lemon juice and Lemon peels:

People do use it to help lighten their hair, so it only stands to reason that it might help brighten those dingy, yellowed teeth, right?  Well, not necessarily, rubbing, swishing or grinding juice and peels on your teeth in excess, could end up damaging the enamel on your teeth due to it’s high acidity. And the weaker the enamel, the more prone you could be to over sensitive teeth.

When life gives you lemons, you can make lemonade, but not necessarily whiter teeth. 

  1. Apple Cider Vinegar:

Apple cider Vinegar has been touted and in some cases, even proven to help with all sorts of ailments from inflammation to weight loss to yes… teeth whitening. And there is even some evidence that it does help as a natural teeth whitener, but just as with lemons, you have to use a lot of it, for a good while to see a difference and with its high acid content, that can have damaging results to your teeth’s much needed, protective enamel.

  1. Activated Charcoal:

Yep, as counter intuitive as it sounds, it has become a bit of a fad to brush your teeth with that coal black, activated charcoal.  But don’t just grab a coal off the barbie to try it.  The “natural” coal being used for teeth whitening is activated charcoal which means that it’s been heated along with a gas to make it much more porous.  Perfect for teeth whitening, right?  According to a 2017 Men’s Health article – Activated charcoal could be doing your teeth “more harm than good” They list a statement from the ORAL HEALTH FOUNDATION in the U.K. that stated warned people that the whitening effects of charcoal may be overstated and that brushing with it could actually put the health of your teeth at risk. And the same article cited research from the Journal of Physics: Conference series found that brushing with activated charcoal increases the roughness of the tooth enamel which can make it easier for bacteria to stick to the surface.

If you truly want brighter, whiter teeth, we suggest using a time tested and customer favorite like the line of GO SMILE teeth whitening products. Go Smile products use Hyperox™ Technology in all of their whiteners which maximizes the speed and efficacy of the hydrogen peroxide to quickly give you your whitest smile.

Columbia University reported virtually no sensitivity in its GOSMiLE clinical trials.

GOSMiLE products are safe to use on all teeth, including braces, fillings, crowns and veneers.

When dealing with something as important as the health of your teeth and gums, it’s probably best to stick to professional and professionally tested products and services such as GO SMILE instead of the latest fads, fix alls or internet crazes.