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Is Blue Light Teeth Whitening Safe?

Blue light teeth whitening is a popular topic on social media sites and beauty blogs. Fans of the technology mention its convenience, ease of use and dramatic whitening results. Before you begin such a regimen, it is important to answer: Is blue light teeth whitening safe? This guide explains everything you need to know about blue light teeth whitening kits and products. You will also discover how the unique advantages of LED light could benefit your appearance and your oral health. 

What Is Blue Light Technology? 

Blue light technology is an alternative to other types of teeth whitening, such as ultraviolet (UV) light treatments. Blue light whitening uses a gentle yet robust low-frequency lightwave technology to accelerate the power and strength of teeth whitening gel. The result is a beautiful white smile in less time. 

While blue light will enhance your whitening experience, low-frequency lightwave technology offers even more advantages for your dental health. Teeth whitening with blue light is known to kill many types of mouth bacteria, which can help to preserve your smile and oral wellness for years to come. Blue light can also help to eliminate germs in the mouth that could lead to bodily illness. Fewer bacteria on your teeth and gums means you can help to prevent conditions like gingivitis or cavities. 

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How Safe Is Blue Light Technology? 

A quality whitening routine will be powerful enough to brighten your teeth shades whiter but is still comfortable on gums. A large body of research shows blue light technology is both safe and gentle for gum tissue and your tooth enamel. For example, a recent study on blue light for teeth whitening showed that LED light did not cause tooth sensitivity or harm to gingival tissue. A 2020 study on the clinical effect of LED light also demonstrated that it did not increase tooth sensitivity in its subjects.  

While you can feel comfortable about blue lightwave technology, it is still important to follow all product instructions. Do not use a whitening regimen or blue light regimen for longer than instructed. You should also be in good oral health before beginning a whitening routine. If you think you need to address any dental concerns before whitening with LED light, talk to your dentist.

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How to Use Blue Light Teeth Whitening 

As you begin using blue light technology, it is helpful to seek out the brands that are known to create trusted, clinically-tested teeth whitening products. Here at GO SMILE, we create gentle blue light technology and teeth whitening gel. When combined, these products will help you to accelerate your teeth whitening results with no sensitivity. 

Whether you are a busy professional, a traveler or are getting ready to attend an important event, consider beginning your experience with blue light whitening with the Glow on the Go blue light device. It combines our award-winning teeth whitening pen with powerful blue light technology. The blue light device activates the pen’s tooth whitening gel for a comfortable experience and teeth that are shades whiter.  

Another way to try blue light technology is while you brush your teeth. A whitening toothbrush such as the Sonic Blue Smart Brush combines patented sonic cleaning power with blue light technology to kill germs on contact. While the brush is 100 times better at removing plaque and reducing gingivitis than manual brushes, you will also be able to activate the effect of the teeth whitening gel for beautifully brighter, whiter teeth. 

For unmatched convenience and innovative blue light delivery, the hands-free toothbrush safely and gently lets you brush and whiten while you do other things. Whiten up to seven shades whiter in seven days with no sensitivity. You can kill the bacteria that causes bad breath and accelerate the teeth whitening process at the same time. 

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Gentle, Effective Whitening with Blue Light 

Now that you know how gentle blue light whitening is on your teeth and gums, you can try it as a part of your brushing and flossing routine. You can even supplement your whitening regimen as you work or travel. Today’s blue light whitening products make it easier than ever to get the whitening results you deserve without discomfort or hassle. No matter which combination of tools you choose, blue light whitening will help you to clean your teeth, kill bacteria and whiten your smile faster and easier than ever.