Instant Teeth Whitening kit

Instant Teeth Whitening: What Are Your Options?

These days, we’re used to quick results from our beauty products. If you like the idea of instant teeth whitening, read this guide. It’ll tell you about fast and gentle whitening products, including those we have here at GO SMILE™. You’ll discover what type of teeth whitening is best for you, too. When you’re done reading, you’ll know just how to get the smile you deserve.

What to Know About Instant Teeth Whitening 

Improvements in teeth-whitening technology make it possible to get a bright, healthy-looking smile. Results are faster than ever before. Some of our whitening kits deliver whiter teeth within one day of use. Other products — like our whitening pen or stain erasers — help maintain your smile while you’re on the go. Check out different products to see what speed and style work best for you. You’re sure to find something you like, especially if you’re looking for fast and gentle whitening. 

Whitening Toothbrushes and Toothpaste 

Modern teeth whitening is all about convenience. So, enhance your smile when you brush. Start with a gentle teeth-whitening toothpaste that you can easily add to your morning and evening routines. GO SMILE™ luxury mint toothpaste keeps your teeth white and shiny with vitamins C, A and E. You’ll see how much cleaner and brighter your teeth look when you’re done brushing. Pair the toothpaste with our teeth whitening gel and a sonic toothbrush. 

Whiten Teeth Fast with a Hands-Free Toothbrush

If you’re interested in innovative forms of teeth whitening, it’s time to brighten your enamel and kill bacteria that contribute to bad breath and gum disease with a hands-free toothbrush. Eliminate bad breath with blue light and accelerate your teeth-whitening results. You’ll whiten up to seven shades in seven days with virtually no sensitivity! 

On-The-Go Teeth Whitening 

Everyone is busy, so the best products are made for multitasking. With on-the-go teeth whitening products, you can get rapid whitening results when you’re out of the house. Travel-friendly teeth-whitening products are the perfect companion for professionals. They’re also helpful for those who need to save time. 

GO SMILE™ Stain-Erasers instantly freshen your breath and give you sparkling white teeth. Use them after you drink your morning cup of coffee or tea. They’re excellent for preventing red wine stains as well. Their easy-to-use patented Applicator Technology™ lets you apply the whitening serum with one hand. An airtight applicator protects its potency until you put it on your teeth. 

For another option, try our Teeth Whitening Pen for a beautiful smile. This compact device fits in pockets and purses, so you can use whitening serum whenever you want a just-brushed look. Notice it dissolves cleanly away while you enjoy a fresh mint aftertaste. So while your teeth will look whiter, you’ll prevent new stains from forming on your teeth at the same time.  

woman with Instant Teeth Whitening

Blue Light Devices 

Blue-light devices are perfect for those who want fast whitening results. Blue light accelerates the power and effectiveness of peroxide-based whitening serum. That way, you can spend less time whitening and more time enjoying dramatically brighter teeth. If you’re new to blue-light whitening technology, we recommend the Glow on the Go blue light device. You’ll like how you can pair it with your teeth-whitening pen for dramatic results at maximum speed. 

With Glow on the Go, you’ll get visibly whiter teeth in as little as one use. Since it’s both compact and convenient, you can leave it in your bathroom or take it while traveling. In addition, our sonic blue smart brush uses blue light to kill bacteria and make your teeth look healthier. 

Lift Stains with Teeth Whitening Toothpaste

Kids can accelerate their whitening results with a sonic toothbrush from GO SMILE™. Choose an adorable toothbrush designed to look like their favorite animal. As they clean their teeth, they’ll have a friendly companion. Not only that, but you’ll also like the brush’s benefits. Blue light helps keep enamel healthy and bright, while red light helps to encourage gum health and prevent periodontal disease. 

Deluxe Teeth Whitening Kits 

For the quickest and most beautiful whitening results, you need a professional strength whitening kit. Our Extreme White system includes the same Applicator Technology™ as our stain erasers. 

Penetrate deep stains and make your enamel shades whiter. It’s gentle on gums, yet it’s visibly effective within a day of use. You’ll be instantly encouraged by what you see in the mirror and have visible whitening results within a week. 

Get the smile you’ve wanted for years or prepare for an important party. You’ll see no increase in sensitivity and you’ll never damage your teeth. In fact, the serum was found to be safe to use on dental crowns and veneers. 

blu toothbrush

How to Get Started with Instant Teeth Whitening 

There are many ways to get started with instant teeth whitening. Begin with something that fits your style. With GO SMILE™, you can brighten your smile while you brush your teeth or travel. You can even do it with some of the most innovative blue-light devices. There’s no excuse not to get the teeth you love. Know your options and get the best smile ever.