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How to Smile Better – 4 Easy Tips

These days, it is more important than ever to have a beautiful, white smile. This is why we created a list of tips on how to smile better. Whether you are in pictures for a celebration, a wedding or just want to look great on social media, you will have the confidence to put your most polished look forward. With such gorgeous, white teeth, you may find yourself smiling more often in pictures! 

1. Take Care of Your Teeth 

Excellent oral hygiene is important for many reasons. For one, it will make your smile look brighter in pictures. It will also help to increase your confidence, so you smile better. Dental professionals recommend a few basic activities to keep your teeth looking healthy. First, brush your teeth for two minutes, at least twice daily. As you brush, move in slow, circular motions. Take care to reach the areas near the gums, as well as the tight spaces between your teeth. 

A GO SMILE sonic toothbrush will make it even easier for you to get an impeccable clean. While it is designed to reach all of the areas of your mouth, it is also equipped with bacteria-killing patented blue light technology. This innovation helps to keep your mouth healthy and your teeth brighter. After brushing, use an antibacterial rinse or a mouthwash to brighten teeth, kill germs and loosen food particles. Floss at least once daily to remove any plaque or food left behind. 

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2. Practice Your Smile 

You never know if your next social media photo could go viral. If you are a bridesmaid or Maid of Honor, your smile could even be on your best friend’s fireplace mantel! Make sure you flash your best look when it counts. A good way to memorize a beautiful smile is to practice it at home. 

Stand in front of a mirror in your bedroom or bathroom. Open your mouth naturally, leaving a little bit of space in between your top and bottom teeth. As you start to smile, do not go for a cheesy, large grin. Instead, aim for a natural, relaxed expression. Once you see the smile you are looking for, practice over again until you can repeat it on cue. 

3. Look at Old Photos  

If you are having trouble with the right smile or simply want a frame of reference from the past, look at some old pictures. Pull up your favorite social media photos or browse through photo albums. Study how your teeth and lips look. Do your favorite ones tend to feature a relaxed, natural smile? Are most of your teeth showing? 

Search for similarities between a few of your finalists. Once you have studied your favorite photographs, it is time to practice the same smile. Try out your look in private and then keep repeating it until you can do it when the camera flashes. 

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4. Try a Whitening Routine 

After you develop a good oral care routine, it is time to think about whitening your teeth. After all, a safe, gentle whitening regimen can help to remove dark spots and staining without any sensitivity of the mouth or gums. Here at GO SMILE, our whitening products are designed to transform the look of your smile without any discomfort. Backed by over 20 years of expertise, you will enjoy vegan, cruelty-free formulas. You will also love that you can apply with no mess and get dramatic whitening results.  

If you are always on the go, a GO SMILE teeth whitening pen is a perfect companion. Clinical results show that it made subjects’ teeth an average of five shades whiter after just seven days of use. See beautiful results while traveling for work, relaxing on vacation or visiting with friends. You will also love that it gives you a just-brushed look, with no sink required. Speaking of on the go, our tooth stain erasers are perfect for giving you fresh breath and sparkling white teeth at weddings, parties and even before you head out the door at home. Get instant teeth cleaning and whitening with our easy-to-use, patented Applicator Technology™. Maximize your results with a full teeth whitening kit. The GO SMILE family of kits allows you to get a brighter smile in whatever way is most convenient for you. 

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Achieving a Better, Brighter Smile 

Everyone has a unique smile. Perfecting your natural look and taking care of your teeth will help you to look amazing in pictures. Here at GO SMILE, we have plenty of convenient, on the go travel solutions to help you discover how to smile better. Our professional strength whitening technology will help you to achieve the confident and white smile you are looking for with fast, effective results. 

Our Extreme White kit is a favorite among those who are searching for dramatic whitening. This formula is gentle on gums with no sensitivity, yet you will see visible brightening of your teeth within just one day of use. Our non-sensitive Hyperox Whitening™ formula penetrates deep teeth stains, while our easy, patented Applicator Technology™ allows you to apply the whitening serum in seconds. It is just one of many ways you can make your teeth look amazing and smile better in every picture you take.