Teeth Whitening Pen

How to Get White Teeth in Minutes

Everyone wants a bright smile in as little time as possible. Today’s innovative options in teeth whitening make it possible to get results faster than ever. Let us show you how to get white teeth in minutes so you can be confident for your next event. We’ll also explain which of our GO SMILE products can help to get a gorgeous look that lasts. 

Use a Teeth Whitening Pen 

A teeth whitening pen is a compact and convenient whitening product for getting results on the go. It fits easily into your pocket or bag so you can touch up your smile last minute. An advanced whitening serum gives you a just brushed look, even after drinking wine or coffee. 

In a clinical study, participants who used the serum saw their teeth become almost two shades whiter after just one application. While you will notice results instantly, regular use will give you an even brighter smile. In the days ahead, using the pen will make your teeth instantly whiter.

Every time you use the whitening serum, you will prevent new stains from setting. As you whiten your enamel safely without pain or sensitivity to teeth or gums, the pen can also be combined with our whitening kits and blue light devices for even better results. 

Get a Travel-Friendly Teeth Whitening Pen

Try Tooth Stain Erasers 

A GO SMILE tooth stain eraser is also known as an “instant stain eraser,” which means you’ll enjoy immediate results. Just like with our teeth whitening pen, you can enjoy effective on-the-go cleaning and whitening to help maintain a bright and beautiful smile. Perfect for after drinking a cup of hot tea, stain erasers include patented Applicator Technology™ that makes them easy to use while you are traveling or multitasking. 

Our tooth stain erasers are sugar-free and contain a Fresh Mint flavor that helps to freshen your breath while enhancing the appearance of your teeth. The airtight applicator cap will keep the product potent until you apply it to your tooth enamel. Since all our products are made with comfort in mind, you can see results in seconds without any sensitivity to your gums or teeth. 

Tooth stain erasers fit in any size bag, so you can take them with you while you drive or work at the office. Stain eraser tins are even more convenient since they protect the applicators while making them easy to find. Purchase different size bundles for all your teeth whitening needs. These products make a great gift and are the ideal companion to our whitening toothbrushes and hands-free devices. 

Tooth Stain Erasers

Remove Stains with Tooth Stain Erasers

Combine Effective Whitening Products  

With the help of our tooth whitening pen or our tooth stain erasers, you will get a look you love in a few minutes flat. You can accelerate your teeth whitening results and enjoy a bright smile over the long-term by combining these amazing tools with some of our other GO SMILE products. You can find a bundle that best suits your whitening needs. 

The Glow on the Go blue light device takes our award-winning whitening pen and boosts its power. With the help of blue light technology, you can maximize results to get visibly brighter teeth in as little as one session. In just minutes, you will notice a brighter smile with results that keep getting more dramatic with regular use. Use our BLU hands-free toothbrush and whitening device to make your beauty routine more convenient. BLU lets you clean and whiten your teeth while doing other things. With the help of this innovative device, you’ll also be able to keep up with your whitening results. 

Just like with our Glow on the Go blue light device, the BLU hands-free toothbrush combines excellent cleaning power with blue light technology. Accelerate whitening and kill germs. A gum massager aids in stimulating blood circulation while achieving professional whitening results in as little as seven days of use. BLU comes in different colors for every lifestyle and personality. While you enjoy your results, you will also love the experience of caring for your teeth. 

glow on the go

Enjoying a Whiter and Brighter Smile 

You deserve a smile you love. It’s even better when you can get it in minutes. GO SMILE products were designed to make life easier while giving you a look that you can feel good about. Use our products that whiten teeth quickly and then back up the results with whitening kits and devices that help to keep enamel dramatically brighter. Since all our products are designed to whiten teeth gently, you can use the combination of GO SMILE products you desire to get your brightest smile ever.