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How to Get Kids to Brush Their Teeth – 3 Helpful Tips

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Early oral care habits help to set a healthy foundation for kids. If your little ones aren’t excited about brushing their teeth, there are plenty of ways to get them there. The following tips will show you how to get kids to brush teeth and ways to make it more exciting. Try them at home to freshen up a child’s smile without any fussing. 

1. Include Fun Characters  

For brushing to feel more like playtime and less like a chore, add some interesting animals or favorite characters to the mix. Today’s toothbrushes feature everything from cartoons to adorable creatures, which will make brushing feel like a whole new experience. There are plenty of colorful manual brushes out there, but a sonic toothbrush for kids will do a lot more for your child’s oral health. 

Powered by a rechargeable battery with a convenient USB cable, the GO SMILE Baby BLU interactive toothbrush for kids is sure to delight your child’s imagination and inspire laughs while brushing. Choose from sweet baby animals, including pandas or penguins. With the help of Baby BLU, their device becomes a companion that can also help them achieve a healthy smile. 

Every kids’ sonic toothbrush includes an animal name and an adorable face to help form a fun relationship with their helper. You can even record a song or a message to customize the experience. Benefits like blue light technology will work to kill mouth bacteria while they brush. 

Therapeutic red light technology helps to increase healthy circulation in the gums. With so many benefits, you will love our Baby BLU just as much as your little ones do. Made for kids ages 3-8, this device will help to prevent cavities and gum disease in those critical years for oral health. 

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Penguin Sonic Toothbrush for Kids

2. Go Hands-Free with Brushing 

Hands-free brushing is one of the most convenient ways to care for your smile. Adults and kids alike can benefit from a hands-free toothbrush, which makes it easier to achieve a healthy mouth and gums. Our Baby BLU is hands-free and most appropriate for toddlers and younger children. 

Older kids like tweens and teens can use the GO SMILE BLU hands-free device along with their parents. They’ll love that they can brush while studying or scrolling social media. At the same time, little ones can read or play with their toys until they’re done brushing. 

The GO SMILE BLU hands-free device is so easy to use, but there are many reasons to choose it over other brushes. Just like our GO SMILE kids’ sonic toothbrushes, these devices include blue light. With blue light technology, you will help to kill the bacteria that causes bad breath and contributes to tooth decay. You can even use the blue light feature to accelerate teeth whitening. Many older kids are just as interested in bright, white teeth as their parents. Bond with your kids by using our luxurious foaming and whitening toothpaste together. 

Blue light from the BLU whitening device helps you whiten your teeth up to seven shades in seven days. Best of all, they will experience virtually no gum sensitivity. Keep the brushing experience positive for kids with effective whitening that feels comfortable. Our teeth whitening products offer safe and dramatic results, which means your kids will feel much more inclined to brush.  

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3. Enlist the Help of a Timer  

For some children, two minutes of brushing can feel like an eternity. Others simply don’t want to stop playing to brush their teeth. You can help to encourage the process along with a built-in toothbrush timer. Both our GO SMILE Baby BLU interactive toothbrush for kids and our BLU hands-free toothbrush and whitening device features a convenient timer that automatically sounds when brushing is over. 

With a timer, you will not have to police your children about their brushing. Self-care isn’t as stressful, and your kids will always know when they have clean teeth. Less checking in on their oral habits will help you to get more done in the morning. It will also help to make your family’s evening routine more relaxing. 

To use the BLU hands-free toothbrush timer, simply use the toothbrush function with the bristled head. An automatic shutoff setting will help you and your kids stay on track while preserving the brush’s power. Begin the timer on the interactive toothbrush for kids by pressing the power button on the animal’s nose. Place two small drops of toothpaste on the top and bottom portion of the brush head. The device will work for two minutes and then shuts off automatically. 

Pig Sonic Toothbrush for Kids

Giving Kids Incentive to Brush 

For kids to enjoy an activity, it must be fun. When you use our GO SMILE kids’ products and hands-free devices, they will enjoy brushing a lot more. Begin with the Baby BLU for young children and then move up to the BLU hands-free toothbrush and whitening device when they’re ready (Ages 12+ for the BLU Toothbrush). A more positive oral care experience will help them to enjoy a healthy smile for a lifetime. You’ll also love the benefits of brushing with GO SMILE along with the rest of the family.