All the fast teeth whitening tips and tricks in the world can’t keep your teeth white forever. Dont worry– there are several teeth whitening products engineered to stretch extend the time between teeth whitening programs.

Simple, Effective At-Home Whitening

At the very least, brushing your teeth twice a day helps both the color and health of your smile. Use toothpaste, and preferably an electric toothbrush (like our GO SMILE Sonic Pro Kit), to remove food and drink residue before stains set into your teeth. Even better, incorporate GO SMILE's Professional Teeth Whitening Gel into your daily brushing routine to actively work on penetrating your teeth’s deep stains every single day.

On-The-Go Teeth Whitening

Additionally, extend the life of your beautiful smile even further by keeping a portable Teeth Whitening Pen or our On-The-Go Stain Erasers in your pocket or purse. Quickly whiten your teeth right after eating or drinking before stains have time to set. It’s easy to learn how to use a teeth whitening pen since it’s engineered for simplicity—no brushing or sink required! Once applied, GO SMILE's patented whitening formula dissolves within minutes, leaving behind a fresh, minty aftertaste. It’s a healthy and stain-erasing alternative to a breath mint or gum.


And don’t forget if you want to really jump start your teeth to maximum whitening in the shortest time possible, GO SMILE's Super White Snap Packs are a great way to accomplish your whitest white and brightest bright.

By following these smile maintenance tips, GO SMILE customers ensure thier teeth look and feel the best they can.