Blue Light for Teeth: 4 Products You Need to Try

Blue Light for Teeth: 4 Products You Need to Try

For many years, ultraviolet light was the method dentists used to activate and speed up the whitening process. However, since it’s been proven that UV radiation comes with certain risks, it’s been replaced with a safer LED alternative – blue light technology. Besides being safer to use, blue light technology offers many benefits. For instance, not only does it speed up the whitening process, but it kills bacteria, decreases tooth sensitivity and both treats and prevents gum disease. 

Luckily, by using low-frequency, lightwaves of blue light for teeth, you can now find a wide variety of advanced, affordable at-home whitening products. But how do you know what to pick? Here, GO SMILE breaks down some of our best blue light teeth products to help you decide.

Blue Light Toothbrush

The bacteria-killing blue light technology is often placed inside toothbrushes and silicone trays – and GO SMILE offers both! Using an advanced formula teeth whitening gel or foaming toothpaste with Hyperox technology, blue light toothbrushes do wonders for your smile. Simply add the whitening gel or toothpaste and brush away. 


Plus, as an electronic toothbrush, it has a built-in interval timer that will alert you when to move the brush to a new section of teeth, ensuring you brush everywhere! With blue light technology and a whitening method, you can achieve a brighter smile in as little as two days! Be sure to stock up on a variety of blue-light activated whitening gels and toothpastes, too.

Hands-Free Toothbrush

BLU Hands-Free Toothbrush & Whitening Device

BLU Hands-Free Toothbrush & Whitening Device

GO SMILE also offers a hands-free toothbrush for your oral care and teeth whitening routine. The next generation of teeth whitening, the BLU hands-free toothbrush offers a silicone mouth tray that does all the work for you while you accomplish other things. 

Featuring sonic vibrations that brush and brighten your teeth while massaging the gums to promote blood circulation, the BLU hands-free toothbrush offers both regular and gentle modes for brushing, allowing you to set and adjust as necessary. Set it to whitening mode to remove the vibrations and emit the blue light – enhancing your teeth whitening session! A whitening toothbrush that doesn’t require you to stand at the mirror? There’s nothing easier! Combine the powerful blue light with GO SMILE’s exclusive Foaming Whitening Toothpaste for even more rapid whitening results!

Glow on the Go Blue Light Device

Keep your gums healthy and teeth whitened not just at home, but at the office and on vacay, too! Paired with GO SMILE’s award-winning teeth whitening pen, the Glow on the Go blue light device offers a compact way to achieve a brighter smile where you are with zoom-level powered blue light.

With a refillable design, you simply replace the GO SMILE teeth whitening pen inside once it’s finished, continuing to see maximum whitening results.  

Baby BLU

Baby BLU Sonic Toothbrush

Baby BLU Sonic Toothbrush

Blue light technology is so safe that it’s even used for kid-friendly brushing routines! Check out GO SMILE’s Baby BLU sonic toothbrush. Baby BLU not only makes brushing teeth fun for kids, but it also teaches them good oral hygiene habits that last a lifetime. While teeth whitening isn’t for children, this blue light gadget still brings several advantages.

Since kids tend to get distracted and miss spots inside their mouths, this kid-friendly toothbrush device offers several features to ensure a proper cleaning. First off, Pepper the Panda sings or plays a recorded tune to your child as they brush their teeth. It stops when brushing is complete, indicated by a built-in two-minute timer. And with flashing colored lights, it’s a whole show! 

But that’s not the only advantage. The blue light and red light on this innovative device can do double duty. With the blue light, it can keep bacteria at bay, prevent cavities and remove plaque, making your kids’ dentist appointments not so scary. And the red light therapy can increase circulation, improving gum health. Parents need all the help they can get, and blue light for teeth is one ingenious trick. 

Try LED Blue Light for Your Teeth 

While blue light can genuinely enhance your teeth whitening experience, it does so much more. Kill germs, freshen bad breath and even improve your heart health and immune system with this low-frequency, low-lightwave alternative.  

As you can see, adults and children alike can benefit from advanced blue light technology. Whether you need a hands-free toothbrush, a compact on-the-go device or something that teaches kids better oral hygiene, GO SMILE has you covered – in bacteria-killing blue light, that is!