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How to Choose the Best Whitening Products for Sensitive Teeth

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Teeth become sensitive for a variety of reasons. Some common causes of sensitive teeth include weakened enamel and a lack of saliva in your mouth. It’s also possible that your teeth feel sensitive because you grind your teeth or are experiencing tooth dehydration. 

If nerve pain or discomfort affects your oral care habits, it’s time to learn more about the best whitening products for sensitive teeth. We’ll explain how to choose gentle whitening gels and teeth whitening kits to make it easier to brush and floss. Picking the right whitening regimen will help you get the bright smile you desire. You’ll also love how you can use the products regularly to get dramatic whitening results. 

Learn More About Your Whitening Options 

Before you decide on the best teeth whitening options for your needs, it’s a good idea to learn more about the most effective devices and products. GO SMILE has several different ways for you to whiten your teeth gently and without sensitivity. 

Shop for a Gentle Whitening Toothbrush

Whitening Toothpastes and Gels 

Replace your toothpaste with a gentle whitening formula like GO SMILE’s whitening toothpaste. Use it twice a day to get a thorough clean and keep your mouth fresh. Cavity-fighting ingredients and advanced formula Hyperox™ Technology help to keep your smile bright. Teeth whitening gel is an excellent companion for your whitening toothpaste. Get whiter teeth faster with no irritation of gums or sensitivity. 

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Whitening Toothbrushes 

A whitening toothbrush with soft bristles is less abrasive on your teeth, but it offers even more benefits for your oral health. GO SMILE toothbrushes include bacteria-killing blue light technology that helps whitening toothpastes and gels to penetrate deep stains. Lightweight, travel-sized brushes let you take your whitening routine on the go. A replaceable brush head and convenient USB charging cable make it simple to keep your brush clean. 

Teeth Whitening Kits 

A teeth whitening kit will help you to get a white smile – fast. Thanks to GO SMILE products, you can do it all without discomfort to your gums or your tooth enamel. Our professional teeth whitening system helps you to get started with essentials like a whitening toothbrush and teeth whitening pen. Find the brush that fits your needs with kits that include toothpaste and teeth whitening gel. You’ll also find our BLU hands-free toothbrush and whitening device, which helps you to clean and whiten your teeth while you do other things. 

Teeth Whitening Devices 

Our BLU hands-free toothbrush and whitening device kills bacteria that lead to bad breath. It’ll also accelerate your teeth whitening results. Use the gum massager to stimulate healthy blood circulation. While your mouth feels healthier, you’ll also be able to whiten up to seven shades in seven days with virtually no sensitivity. The GO SMILE Glow on the Go blue light device is another excellent option. Combine the refillable blue light device with our teeth whitening pen for enhanced whitening results while you travel. 

Decide on a Whitening Regimen 

Now that you know more about the best whitening products for symptoms of sensitive teeth, decide on the regimen that is right for you. If you are in a hurry to get whitening results or you need to remove deep stains, a teeth whitening kit will help to jumpstart the process. It’ll also help you to avoid overexposure to whitening products. 

Our professional teeth whitening system is a smart choice because it brightens your enamel while you are at home and on the go. Brush with the toothbrush and whitening gel in the morning and at night. The teeth whitening pen and tooth stain erasers will help you to touch up your smile while you travel. 

For those who are cautious about sensitive teeth, a whitening toothbrush and toothpaste is a good starting point. Gain confidence in your whitening regimen with a simple and straightforward routine that will give you results while staying gentle and avoiding discomfort. A whitening pen is another smart way to start whitening for sensitive enamel. Brush the gel onto your teeth and reach in between tight spaces without applying too much pressure to the mouth or gums. 

Get Results with a Gentle Teeth Whitening Kit

Talk to Your Dentist 

If you have questions about whitening for sensitive teeth, talk to your dental care professional. They can examine your teeth and gums for oral health problems and then recommend a plan for less discomfort. Most people who are in good oral health can use gentle whitening products. Once your dentist clears you for whitening, you can begin shopping for your favorite products. 

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Getting a Bright Smile with Sensitive Teeth 

Along with using gentle GO SMILE whitening products, you can engage in healthy habits for people with sensitive teeth. Avoid acidic foods and sugars, which can be abrasive to your tooth enamel and contribute to nerve pain. It also helps to be gentle while you brush. Follow instructions on your whitening products so you do not over-bleach your teeth.