mob-mgAbout Teeth Whitening

About Teeth Whitening
A White Smile Can
Transform Your Look and
Revive Your Confidence.

Teeth Whitening 101

A bright, white smile helps anyone look young, fresh, and healthy. Some lucky people have naturally white teeth, but most teeth are slightly yellow or brown. Teeth are also porous, so dark food and drinks can penetrate and stain not only the surface of teeth, but beneath the enamel, too! Brushing alone—even with a “whitening” toothpaste—won’t remove those stains.

For significantly whiter teeth, you’ll need to use a whitener with peroxide, which releases ions that safely penetrate teeth and remove color, both inside and out. Choose a product that fits your lifestyle so you’re able to follow the program through to the final result. And just like taking care of your skin or hair, caring for your teeth isn’t a one-time thing—because your teeth are exposed to food and drink every day, you’ll eventually need to whiten again, to keep teeth looking their best!


The GO SMILE Difference

Many whitening products on the market give disappointing results. It isn’t easy to create a formula with peroxide that’s stable and that stays chemically active, so many products don’t contain enough peroxide to whiten effectively. Some products contain enough peroxide to work, but they’re messy and time-consuming to use, or the formula causes sensitivity. These issues make it difficult to use the product consistently or finish a treatment to get the desired result. GO SMILE products are different. We combine cutting-edge formula chemistry with unique and efficient application methods. Over years of listening to our customers, we’ve become the experts at formulating highly effective whiteners that are fast, easy, and a pleasure to use.